Top 10 TikTok Food Trends of 2022

Top 10 TikTok Food Trends of 2022

Minimal in nature, cloud bread can be made with just three ingredients: eggs, cream cheese and cream of tartar.

Social media and video creation app TikTok has become the online home of food experimentation over the last few years, leading to TikTok food trends with record-breaking views and searches. The platform has been leading a food revolution, with the hashtag #foodtiktok racking up over an overwhelming 106.6 billion views. 

Some food trends reigned supreme and accumulated the most views on the app this year. From pasta chips to pink sauce, here are the top TikTok food trends of 2022.

1. Cloud Bread 

Cloud bread was the most popular TikTok food trend of 2022, viewed a staggering 3.3 billion times by TikTok users. The recipe first gained popularity as part of the Atkins diet in the 1970s and was turned into a TikTok trend last year. This gluten-free and low-carb recipe has continued to dominate TikTok, with many people creating custom flavors with vibrant colors.

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2. Baked Oats

Nearly two billion views behind cloud bread, baked oats took second place with 1.3 billion views. This simple breakfast recipe took the world by storm in 2022 with people sharing thousands of different recipes. Its convenience has helped it become a favorite among TikTok users as it only requires oats, milk, mashed banana and your choice of toppings to make it.

3. Charcuterie Boards

Rounding out the top three list of TikTok food trends was charcuterie boards with 1.2 billion views. The way to display food has fascinated TikTok users and influenced them to try their own and go beyond the standard charcuterie presentation. From butter boards (358.4million views) to Nutella boards (2.9 million views), many of these new trends have been transformed into a board style in 2022.

4. Pasta Chips

On the back of the popularity of air fryers, a whole new way to eat pasta was created in the form of pasta chips, and it has gained over 1.1 billion views this year. This recipe entails baking pasta in the oven or air fryer until it becomes crisp and crunchy, with many users adding seasoning twists to their dishes, from chili to cream cheese dip.

5. Mug Cake

In fifth place was mug cake with over 1 billion views on TikTok. Users jumped on this trend to whip up a cake that satisfies the sweet tooth in a fraction of time of baking. The recipe involves mixing typical cake ingredients, like flour, eggs and cocoa powder, in a mug and cooking it in the microwave. Given the limitless varieties of mug cake flavors, it likely won’t be falling out of favor any time soon.

Other TikTok food trends of 2022 included:

  1. Birria tacos: 922.2 million views
  2. Pink sauce: 599.8 million views
  3. Cinnamon rolls: 597 million views
  4. Nacho tables: 415.1 million views
  5. Butter boards: 358.4 million views

While other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are also home to recipe videos and food trends, TikTok appears to be shaping the food trends among the younger generations, Gen Z and millennials. While some may overlook the platform as just another social media app, TikTok has proven itself as a trendsetter for the food and beverage industry and beyond.