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Tropicana Being Sued for Failure to Disclose its Juice Content

Tropicana Being Sued for Failure to Disclose its Juice Content

Tropicana being sued for lack of transparency in their products.

Tropicana Manufacturing Co. is being sued for failing to disclose artificial flavors in its juice drinks. The class action lawsuit was filed on February 28th in the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

The recent lawsuit against Tropicana is a plaintiff claiming that Tropicana adds malic acid to some of its products. The products include Trop 50 100% Juice Apple Drink and Trop 50 Farmstand Apple. Malic acid is an organic compound that is made by all living organisms and contributes to the sour taste found in fruits. This is also used as a food additive made of artificial flavoring agents and is not naturally-occurring.

According to Food Dive, The complaint stated malic acid is “manufactured in petrochemical plants from benzene or butane — components of gasoline and lighter fluid, respectively — through a series of chemical reactions, some of which involve highly toxic chemical precursors and byproducts.”

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that consumers are paying more for Tropicana juice than what they should be paying if the products were correctly labeled.

In 2012, Tropicana got sued by a woman in California because of deceptive advertising. The brand was claiming that the juice provides consumers with orange juice that is 100 percent pure and natural. However, is it not. PepsiCo, the company that owns Tropicana, said that aromas and flavors are added to keep its essential nature and give it a longer shelf life.

The plaintiffs are asking for monetary damages and a court order to keep Tropicana from engaging in any further alleged deceptive advertising.

PepsiCo and Tropicana have not yet responded to the lawsuit publicly.