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Taste, Listen, See and Wear Sprite’s New Ginger Collection

Taste, Listen, See and Wear Sprite’s New Ginger Collection

Sprite hit the shelves with a new ginger-infused beverage called Sprite Ginger, with a 360 marketing campaign. Source: The Coca Cola Company.

Sprite, a Coca Cola Company, known for its lemon-lime based fizzy drinks, is launching a new 360 marketing campaign for their new flavor, Sprite Ginger.

The campaign includes streetwear called the “Ginger Collection.” Hints on social media have been dropped and outdoor ads are building the excitement around the beverage and clothing line. The campaign includes a 15 second and 30 second television advertisement, experiential activations, point-of-sale tools, mobile and streaming audio.

“With every sip, you’ll get the crisp, refreshing cut-through of lemon-lime up front, balanced with a hit of ginger on the back-end,” said Mark Shorey, brand manager for Sprite. “The Sprite Ginger launch is all about reinvention… reimagining the signature attributes Sprite fans know and love, with something new and unexpected.”

Sprite is launching their latest, Sprite Ginger, through the brand’s “Thirst for Yours” platform. This is a platform, launched by Sprite, that connects hip-hop artists by empowering the emerging talent and pushing boundaries to allow for creative expression in the hip-hop culture today.

To reinvent themselves they have tapped into a diverse group of up-and-coming creators that include fashionistas, artists, photographers, and many more, to create something new and bring the “Ginger Collection” to life.

“Sprite Ginger is all about adding a hit of something fresh and new, so as the first new product to launch under the ‘Thirst for Yours’ ethos, we used this concept of reinvention as creative inspiration for the collaboration,” said Sam Beresford, senior manager, integrated marketing communications (IMC) for Sprite.

“‘Thirst for Yours’ is all about inspiring the hip-hop tastemakers of tomorrow to do more and dream bigger by ‘putting them on,’ so we offered this group of incredibly talented young creatives a wide-open runway to bring their vision and voice to life,” said Beresford.

Moreover, the Ginger Collection was created in collaboration with Jeff Staple, a streetwear legend, and the 25,000 submissions he received from his Instagram followers is what inspired the collection.

Sprite is in competition with companies such as Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Fever Tree, Schweppes and more. According to Research and Markets, the ginger ale market “is expected to record a value of $5.34 billion in 2023, growing at a CAGR of 6.57 percent, for the duration spanning 2019 to 2023.”

Sprite Ginger is now available nationwide in 20 oz bottles, as well as 12 oz 12-packs. Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar is also available in 12 oz cans. The drink is not a limited-edition beverage because of the surging popularity of ginger-flavored sparkling drinks.