Providing the Food, Beverage and Supplement Industry with a New, Low-Dose Drinkable and Edible Ingredient

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  • Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Curcumin is one of the very few ingredients in the era of dietary supplements to make its way into the homes and hearts of consumers around the world. However, the highly competitive market has caused increasingly misunderstood claims to arise surrounding the substance’s phytoactive compounds, strong taste and natural aversion for water-based delivery options. This in turn has slowly started to erode its desirous position in the market, particularly in the abutting era of functionalized food, beverages and trendy delivery formats, like gummies.

In this free webinar, the emphasis on the unique starting material for Curcugen™ will provide an opportunity for food, beverage and supplement formulators to finally provide a viable curcumin option. This offers clinically-proven benefits in a format that speaks to the important drivers of these merging industries, i.e. active lifestyles, bioactive beverages and functional foods. Additionally, this free webinar will deliver clarity on curcumin absorption, in what we are terming curcumin’s ‘complete’ bioavailability story. This exclusively told and comprehensive story describes Curcugen’s proven optimization using curcumin’s active, storage and reduced forms, including tetrahydrocurcumin (THC). The pending patent that defends the manufacturing process of Curcugen will be discussed in the context of its dispersibility, low-taste profile, enhanced bioavailability and synergistic benefit, further underscoring its unique positioning.

Curcugen™ is truly the next-generation of curcumin ingredients, delivering on functionality, taste, clean-label appeal, candid bioavailability expectations, comprehensive safety reviews and product-specific clinical proof.


Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel, DolCas Biotech, LLC.

Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel, Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs, DolCas Biotech, LLC.

Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel is a medically-trained naturopathic doctor with formal undergraduate training as a biomedical engineer. Her critical thinking and systems approach have informed her expertise in natural medicine and natural products development, while guiding the skillset she has honed in public speaking, education and science-based marketing. As a science officer with DolCas Biotech, Dr. Shavon leads the commercial development of many of the company’s top brands, while spearheading the scientific evaluation and product education that supports the sales and marketing teams of DolCas and its formulation partners. In this director position, she has traveled extensively to investigate top botanical and dietary supplement innovations and securing many of them for promotion in DolCas’ global markets.

Before entering the business sector, Dr. Shavon taught health science and wellness-related coursework for nearly 6 years as a university professor. She still maintains a small consulting practice where she advises a select number of clients on natural approaches to common health concerns. Able to keep her finger on the pulse of health/medical literature, including advances and shortcomings in the field, she credits her continued clinical work for the unique value and perspective she brings to the table. As the 2018 Clinical Excellency Scholar recipient for her graduating class at the University of Bridgeport Naturopathic Medical College, Dr. Jackson-Michel feels privileged to find the ‘oh so sweet spot’ between impactful clinical and commercial work.

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Who Should Attend?

Senior professionals who are:

  • Product formulators/developers/R&D – functional drinks, coffees and other beverages; functional foods of all types
  • Product formulators/developers/R&D – dietary supplements

What You Will Learn

  • Why Oleoresin is the best source material for curcuminoids
  • Why offering different delivery forms is essential to your market/product life cycle
  • Why the synergy of Curcugen’s food-based matrix matters to your bottom line
  • Why the whole bioavailability story is important and is uniquely told with Curcugen

Xtalks Partner

Dolcas Biotech

Dolcas Biotech is a natural products ingredient firm, specialized in the commercial development and market positioning of clinically studied, patented brands for the dietary supplement, functional foods and beverages industry. Established in 2007 as an extension of its founding corporation Orcas Naturals, DolCas was formed in response to the then-budding interest in branded nutraceuticals. Given our experience in generic powders and extracts, we understood that marketing branded ingredients required a more attentive focus on our customers, a more thorough understanding of science and an evolving sense of the prevailing trends of the industry. DolCas expanded its scope, becoming vertically integrated with the establishment of its own manufacturing facilities in Bikaner, India – DolCas Botanosys, in 2017. DolCas is committed to the highest possible quality and safety standards for our brands and to that end, nurtures its mission to transform lives and optimize health daily.

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