Discovering Real World Innovations in Clinical Trial Supplies that Mitigate Risks while Saving Time and Costs

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  • Tuesday, March 31, 2020

This webinar will educate your team on how to eliminate carrying costs of commercially available drug supply through virtual inventory delivered Direct to Patient (DTP) in decentralized trials, which in turn reduces the risk of waste, due to expiry or study stops. In addition, you will learn how to reduce risks associated with ownership of commercially available clinical trial drugs and supplies, as this burden remains within a dedicated specialty or retail pharmacy.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb challenged the industry to innovate for greater efficiency and cost savings. Attendees will see real-world data on innovation that has repeatedly proved to create study start-up efficiencies realized by large, medium, and small sponsors and CROs alike.  These improvements have resulted in significant savings of administrative time, drug costs, and mitigating associated risks of protocol formulary. This webinar will highlight the challenges within the industry and academia in order to innovate for more efficiencies and savings in clinical trials for clinical ops and clinical supply staff that use virtual inventory methods.

Expensive and hard to find commercially available Limited Distribution Drugs (LDD) can cost $1,000 to $50,000 or more. Acquiring and taking ownership of such expensive drugs and biologics will often requiring special handling that is a duplicate effort for depots and pharmacies.  These extra steps add significant time, cost, and unnecessary risks to the effort.  Specialty Pharmacies already acquire and carry the burden of distributing these LDD medications.

More significant to the Sponsor’s Clinical Supply, Operations, and Finance teams is the elimination of drug inventory carrying costs, the associated risk for early clinical trial termination, and its wasted overages and/or inventory. In this case, innovation comes with notable savings that you will learn about in this webinar via real-world case studies from industry peers.


Rudy Grant, Clinical Supply Consultant

Rudy Grant, Principal Consultant, RG Supply Chain Consulting, Inc.

Rudy Grant (Principal of RG Supply Chain Consulting, Inc.) has over 20 years’ of experience in various business life cycles ranging from start-ups to IPOs to Fortune 100 Companies. He has a strong emphasis in the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Manufacturing from pre-clinical throughout the various phases of the clinical stages, as well as leadership experience in Pre and Post-Commercial launches. In his career, Mr. Grant has successfully launched several drug products and supported many clinical studies at all stages of development, which eventually lead to commercialization.

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Terry Walsh, CEO, Walsh Pharma Consulting

Terry Walsh is the owner of Walsh Pharma Consulting.  He brings over 30 yrs of Pharma R&D expertise in the clinical supply chain and leading the development and introduction of innovative cross industry collaboration tools. Previously, as Senior Director of GlaxoSmithKline, he led the pharmaceutical industry effort to develop a consortium to share medications for research as well as the use of E-Labels for medication.  He also led the GSK effort to move to an external supply chain model. At Clinigen he led the Clinical Supply Chain business unit thru a major acquisition of a packaging company. Much of his working career has been spent in the Clinical Supply Chain and related areas.  Terry is very patient focus and still works as a retail pharmacist during weekends in a small independent pharmacy in Philadelphia to stay in touch with patients. Terry earned his Pharmacy Degree at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.  He holds an MBA from Drexel University. He has published numerous papers and articles.

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Tom Heck, Trial Card

Tom Heck, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, Trial Card

Tom serves as Senior Vice President of Clinical Trial Operations at TrialCard. He has over 25 years of pharmaceutical experience in sales, sales management, marketing, licensing and acquisitions, clinical development and corporate leadership. Tom joined TrialCard in January 2019 and has spearheaded the growth in TrialCard’s clinical trial services, a growing segment of the business focused on the early part of the patient journey that leads to TrialCard’s commercial offerings.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Clinical Operations staff needing First Patient In on time & budget with less risks
  • Clinical Supply staff needing to insure drug supply in the most efficient manner

What You Will Learn

Proven Technology Driven Clinical Trial Supply Alternative:

  • Learn about a proven Disruptive Clinical Trial Supply Alternative
  • Understand how the alternative strategy saves time, money, mitigates risks and reduces clinical trial supply hassles
  • Hear real-life case studies proving time and resource savings
  • See how meeting the target “Study Start” and “First Patient In” date is more easily accomplished

Xtalks Partner

Trial Card

TrialCard’s is a technology enabled company healthcare company with a clinical trial division that is innovating for clinical operations and clinical trial supply professionals. We seek means of faster administration of everyday operations to meet FDA mandates to find efficiencies in clinical trials that will save time and resources. RxStudy Card™ is the first innovative virtual clinical supply service implemented by large to startup pharma and biotech sponsors and CROs who are conducting clinical trials, where providing patients medications and supplies through retail and specialty pharmacies is appropriate. RxStudy Card™ reduces the supply process steps, requires less employee time, eliminates supply waste, has fewer risks and saves money.

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