Accelerating Drug Discovery by Hypothesis and Synthesis Management Platform

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  • Friday, November 10, 2023

Discover an innovative webinar exploring the importance of using a hypothesis and synthesis management platform to accelerate drug discovery. Design, make, test and analyze (DMTA) project teams encounter several challenges when it comes to deciding which compounds to synthesize next. These challenges include:

  • Optimizing potency, safety and bioavailability: Project teams must find the best way to balance and enhance the potency, safety and bioavailability of compounds. This involves careful consideration of experimental data, predictive models and expert insights
  • Efficient resource management: Teams need to strike a balance between available resources and project goals
  • Maintaining focus on core hypotheses: As the project progresses, it is essential to stay true to the core hypotheses. Teams need to avoid getting sidetracked and maintain a clear focus on the primary project objectives

In this webinar, Dóra will explore how a hypothesis and synthesis management platform can streamline data-driven decision-making and enhance the efficiency of drug discovery projects.

Join this webinar and discover how to overcome various challenges of compound synthesis and decision-making in drug discovery.


Dóra Barna, Chemaxon

Dóra Barna, PhD, Principal Application Scientist, Chemaxon

Dóra Barna is the Principal Application Scientist at Chemaxon. She holds an MSc in Chemistry (2009) and a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry (2013) from the University of Szeged, Faculty of Science and Informatics in Hungary. She joined the development department of Chemaxon in 2012 as a Business Analyst where she took part in the planning of development of multiple Chemaxon software products. Later, she joined the Application Scientist team of Chemaxon where she is currently leading the EU team and is responsible for supporting clients in designing cheminformatics solutions and for conducting application studies.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to Professionals in the following fields/roles:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Researchers: Scientists and researchers engaged in the discovery of new drugs, including medicinal chemists, pharmacologists and biochemists
  • Project Managers: Professionals responsible for overseeing drug discovery projects, resource allocation and project alignment with objectives
  • Cheminformatics Data Scientists and Analysts: Those who work with experimental data and predictive models to guide decision-making in drug discovery
  • Executives and decision-makers: Leaders and decision-makers in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who want to enhance the efficiency and success of drug discovery projects
  • Cross-functional teams: Teams consisting of members from different disciplines, including chemistry, biology and project management, seeking ways to streamline collaboration and decision-making

What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • Compound prioritization: Analyze predicted properties and assess resource availability to prioritize which compounds to synthesize
  • Progress tracking: Follow the synthesis progress using an interactive, multi-level Kanban board. This approach allows for the immediate detection of blockers and bottlenecks, ensuring smooth project execution
  • Ongoing Activities focus: Gain insights into ongoing activities and make informed decisions about which compounds and assays to prioritize for testing
  • Efficacy and safety evaluation: Assess the efficacy and safety of compounds, identifying areas where improvements may be necessary

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Trusted by over one million active users, Chemaxon is renowned for industry-leading software supporting scientific discovery with calculation, search and drawing tools.

Chemaxon applications are widely used in life sciences R&D and education, working with a variety of industries, counting most major pharmaceutical companies among their clients. Chemaxon’s offices are located in Budapest, Basel, Boston and San Diego, with distributors around the world.

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