Clinical Trial Site Burden & Clinical Research Associate Burnout — How Studies Suffer

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  • Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Study timelines take huge hits from industry turnover. A site can stop enrolling when a clinical research coordinator leaves, and a study can fall behind when a clinical research associate (CRA) leaves. But is industry churn really just an unavoidable byproduct of tight labor market conditions? Or is it self-inflicted pain from cumbersome study processes? This webinar will talk about how cumbersome, outdated and inefficient processes create unnecessary work for both sites and CRAs, leading to clinical trial site burden, burnout and churn.

Site study teams struggle with learning how to execute complex protocols without automation, juggling multiple logins, double entering source data into an eCRF and managing disparate query streams from CRAs and data management teams.

CRAs struggle with punishing travel schedules and workloads, the challenge of force-fitting large amounts of Source Data Review and Verification into an eight-hour onsite day, filing trip reports and constantly flagging and re-educating sites on avoidable quality issues.

If these processes can be transformed into a single, streamlined process using a site-based, protocol-driven eSource platform that integrates into the eCRF, CRAs would see drastically reduced workloads and lowered clinical trial site burden. They could focus on the most important study priorities such as patient recruitment, retention, protocol compliance and patient safety. Instead of being at odds with each other, the site and CRA can collaborate more effectively, with each focusing on their respective strengths.

Join this webinar for this candid, thought-provoking and solution-oriented examination of the current clinical trial process, its impact on sites, especially with regard to clinical trial site burden, and CROs and the transformative potential of technology.


Raymond Nomizu, (CRIO)

Raymond Nomizu, CEO, CRIO

Raymond Nomizu is the co-founder and CEO at CRIO, an e-clinical provider for sponsors, CROs and sites. CRIO’s system allows research sites to collect data accurately and contemporaneously, and sponsors to view the data in real-time, without costly source data verification. Prior to founding CRIO, Raymond owned and operated an independent clinical research site; co-founded a real estate data analytics firm called Bench Core (later sold); and served as a management consultant both independently and as a principal for The Boston Consulting Group. He has over 10 years’ experience consulting senior management across multiple industries on issues of business strategy and process improvement. Raymond has AB and JD degrees from Harvard University.

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Dr. Marcus Stone, Principal, The Spine Network

Marcus Stone, PhD is a scientist, entrepreneur, and leader in medical research with over 20 years of experience delivering high quality medical science while empowering patient and physician participation. Dr. Stone received his Doctor of Philosophy from Indiana State University where he was also an Assistant Professor and the Director of Sports Injury Research Laboratory.

Prior to co-founding The Spine Network, Dr. Stone was the Director of Clinical Research at the Spine Institute of Louisiana, a partner at Alegius Consulting, and Director of Orthopedic Trauma Research at OrthoIndy.

He has led studies with increasing complexity and diversity, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biologics, stem cells, and vaccines. He has also guided the dissemination of these trials’ results with frequent peer-reviewed publications and presentations at scientific meetings worldwide. What brings him the most joy in his work though is seeing patients positively impacted around the globe from the research conducted.

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Dr. Chardae Rodgers-Gamble, CEO and owner, CR Clinical

Dr. Chardae Rodgers-Gamble is the CEO and owner of CR Clinical. Dr. Rodgers -Gamble is a Clinical Operations Professional with over 12 years of experience in the clinical research industry. She has worked as a Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Trial Manager, Clinical Project Manager, and Clinical Project Lead along with providing pharmaceutical companies and CROs with full clinical research services. She has worked in multiple indications of clinical research such as gynecology, infectious disease, rare disease, oncology, neurology, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, pulmonary, ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopedic, and pain management. Dr. Rodgers-Gamble has participated in Investigational Product, Medical Device, Combination (Investigational Product and Medical Device), Bioequivalence, Bioavailability, and Observational studies.  Dr. Rodgers-Gamble has been featured in the Women Leaders Magazine as the “20 Most Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022 and in Aspioneer as “The Trailblazer, Women Leaders of 2023” for her excellent work in clinical research as the CEO of CR Clinical.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Sponsors who want a better, more efficient way of running clinical trials
  • ClinOps leaders
  • Data Managers
  • Site Directors

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn:

  • The process gaps that drive high churn rates among site and CRO personnel
  • How a streamlined data capture process for sites unifies site and CRO interests
  • What site eSource is and how it can displace a separate stand-alone EDC system

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CRIO is an eClinical solution provider delivering innovative data capture technology for sites, sponsors and CROs. As the industry’s leading eSource provider, CRIO’s unique architecture enables a single point of data capture that embeds quality and transparency at the point of entry, and creates significant downstream efficiencies. Finally. One system. One source.

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