Advancements in GMP QC Testing: A Comprehensive Guide to Cell-Based Assays

Life Sciences, Drug Discovery & Development, Laboratory Technology,
  • Wednesday, June 14, 2023

In light of the FDA’s removal of animal testing requirements and recent advancements in technology, cell-based assays for QC testing have shown invaluable merit when demonstrating efficacy and potency. In this webinar, attendees will learn about the latest cell-based technology as well as some important aspects of GMP requirements for bioassays. You’ll gain insights into how these cell-based assays can support the drug development continuum, including GMP QC testing.

Learn about customization possibilities and how cell-based assays can be tailored to specific needs. Discover how they are also readily available and have a high-throughput capacity, making them ideal for large-scale drug screening. In addition, cell-based assays provide a more accurate representation of how a drug will interact with human receptors and reduce variability and cost than animal testing.

This webinar provides an exclusive opportunity to deepen your understanding of cell-based assays, their potential, and their pivotal role in modern therapeutic development. Harness this knowledge to optimize drug development processes, accelerate therapeutic advancements, and contribute to a more promising future in healthcare. Don’t miss this chance to stay at the forefront of your field – register now.


Therese Segerstein, Svar Life Science

Therese Segerstein, MSc, Portfolio Director, Svar Life Science

Therese Segerstein holds the position of Portfolio Director at Svar, overseeing and being responsible for all the service and product offerings of Svar. Therese holds an MSc in biotechnology from Lund Technical School/Lund University and has more than 15+ years of experience working as a product manager within the biotech/life science, medical devices and in the diagnostic field.

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Jordi Rodó Morera, Svar Life Science

Jordi Rodó Morera, PhD, Global Innovation & Scientific Lead, Svar Life Science

Jordi Rodó studied biochemistry and obtained his PhD in Prof. Fátima Bosch´s lab at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. During that period, and in a further postdoc, Jordi developed different AAV-mediated gene therapy approximations to treat several metabolic disorders and rare diseases. After his postdoc, Jordi joined Svar Life Science where he has been working on developing and validating bioassays mainly focused on solving gene therapy hurdles. Currently, he works as the Global Innovation & Scientific Lead, collaborating with cross-functional teams to identify and evaluate new technologies and scientific developments to ensure that Svar Life Science stays at the forefront of the industry.

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Azra Alajbegovic, Svar Life Science

Azra Alajbegovic, PhD, Scientist, Svar Life Science

Azra Alajbegovic is a Scientist at Svar Life Science within the Bioanalytical and QC GMP Services. Azra holds a PhD in molecular physiology from Lund University, where she studied cellular phenotype in vascular disease. She has many years of experience working with cell-based techniques and immunoassays at Lund University and the University of California Davis, USA.

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Camilla Melin Fürst, Svar Life Science

Camilla Melin Fürst, PhD, Senior Scientist and Project Manager, Svar Life Science

Camilla Melin Fürst is a Senior Scientist at Svar Life Science within the Bioanalytical and GMP QC Testing Services. Camilla holds a PhD in medical protein chemistry from Lund University, where she investigated the involvement of the complement system in inflammatory joint diseases. She has many years of experience working with ligand binding assays and cell-based assays for various applications within bioanalysis and GMP QC testing.

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Who Should Attend?

Professionals from pharma, CROs and biotech producing units with the following roles and focus areas:

  • Biomedical Research:
    • Principal/Senior Scientists
    • Research Lab Managers
  •  Complement System/Complement-related Indications:
    • Cluster Heads
    • Medical Advisors
    • Academic Scientists
    • Post-Docs
    • CEO/CSO
  • CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls):
    • CMC Analytical
    • CMC Program Management
    • CMC Leader
    • CMC Regulatory Affairs
    • CMC Consultant
    • CMC Pharmaceutical Analysis
    • Manufacturing Control
    • Manufacturing Quality
    • Formulation
  •  Quality Analytics/Quality Control

What You Will Learn

Attendees will discover:

  • Strategies for effectively making a cell-based assay GMP compliant
  • Cell-based potency assays fit for GMP QC testing
  • Elements to be considered when constructing and refining potency bioassays
  • Suitable material appropriateness for potency bioassays

Xtalks Partner

Svar Life Science

We provide cutting-edge products, versatile assay solutions, and services that help our clients get the answers they need for their drug development or basic research project.

Our long experience in assay development, bioanalysis, and clinical diagnostics makes us an ideal partner for pharma, biotech, and CROs.

We also offer tools for diagnosing, prognosis, and monitoring inflammatory and related diseases, which provide doctors with the answers they need to give their patients the right treatment at the right time.

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