Discovering Functional & Developable Bispecific Antibodies Using Fully Human Common Light Chain Transgenic Mice

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  • Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Discover a groundbreaking webinar exploring innovative approaches in the discovery of bispecific antibodies using the ATX-CLC mouse strain along with reviewing case studies and validated data. Bispecific antibodies continue to be a transformative approach to treating a wide range of diseases across a range of mechanisms including T-Cell engagers, biparatopics, cis-targeting and more. However, discovering novel, developable and therapeutically relevant bispecifics is technically and strategically challenging and requires deep domain expertise as well as next-generation, integrated workflows. Alloy Therapeutic’s bispecific discovery services integrate best-in-class discovery platform technologies with world-class scientific experts to serve as an extension of research and development (R&D) teams and take bispecific programs further faster.


Building on Alloy’s industry-leading mouse platform for fully human antibody discovery trusted by over 150 partners to date, a common light chain mouse suite, ATX-CLC, is presented in this webinar to solve the heavy and light chain pairing challenges and build bispecifics with better developability profiles. In this webinar, the featured speakers will discuss the data that validates ATX-CLC maintaining a robust heavy chain diversity and immune response, comparable with that of the trusted ATX-Gx platform.

Moreover, the speakers will discuss how the integrated, proprietary discovery to lead candidate workflow, powered by the ATX-CLC Mouse Suite, high-throughput production, and rapid functional and developability screening to support the creation of a variety of novel bispecifics and move forward with a therapeutic lead rapidly and with confidence.

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A number of case studies from recent campaigns will also be discussed, where the ATX-CLC platform and fully integrated bispecific antibody discovery workflow were utilized. One such campaign is where a number of binders with high specificity and affinity for Claudin 18.2 (CLDN18.2), a very challenging target with high-homology family members, were discovered. In another case, the team discovered programmed cell death-1 cluster of differentiation 28 (PD-1 X CD28) bispecifics that promoted the proliferation of exhausted clusters of differentiation 4 (CD4+) T cells and demonstrated excellent developability profiles.

Join this webinar to learn more about bispecific antibodies development and how ATX-CLC mouse strain can help enable the discovery of novel bispecific therapeutic concepts.


Kent Bondensgaard, Alloy Therapeutics

Kent Bondensgaard, SVP, Head of Antibody Discovery Services, Alloy Therapeutics

Kent Bondensgaard is a skilled scientific leader with over 20 years of biologics discovery experience at Novo Nordisk and Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals, where he led high-performing teams of up to 20 scientists in developing therapeutic antibodies against 30+ targets across therapeutic areas, several of which are now in the clinic. Kent brings technical expertise in antibody discovery, screening, optimizing, and characterization including novel antibody modalities and formats, as well as insights on impact on discovery and optimization of CMC and commercial strategy. Additionally, he has extensive experience in technology and partnership due diligence, as well as resource, project, and alliance management.

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Jennifer Watkins-Yoon, Alloy Therapeutics

Jennifer Watkins-Yoon, Senior Director, Head of In Vivo Antibody Discovery, Alloy Therapeutics

Jenny Watkins-Yoon is a biologics discovery leader of 16 years with expertise in single B cell sorting, microfluidics platforms and NGS for biologics discovery, whose work has contributed to multiple IND filings. She leads immunization and binder recovery team at Alloy Therapeutics across monoclonal antibodies, as well as bispecific antibodies, TCR mimics, and cell therapies. Previously she was head of discovery biology at Hifibio Therapeutics and head of antibody discovery at Compass Therapeutics.

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William F. Carson Alloy Therapeutics

William "Beau" Carson, Senior Director, Head of Translational Research, Alloy Therapeutics

Beau Carson is a passionate immunologist with over 16 years of experience touching on all aspects of the immune response across therapeutic areas and in both academic as well as industry research settings. Having led teams of up to 8 at Astellas Pharma and Compass Therapeutics, Beau specializes in screening in vivo and in vitro functional activity of antibody, cell therapy, and genetic medicine modalities in a broad range of disease models. He works closely with the BD team on communications, marketing, sales, and alliance management.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to the professionals in the following areas:

  • CSO
  • Head of Research
  • Scientist
  • Senior Scientist
  • Principal Scientist
  • Antibody discovery
  • Drug discovery
  • Protein engineering
  • Translational research
  • Business development
  • Corporate development

What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • How to enable the discovery of highly diverse fully human antibodies enabling with a variety of bispecific therapeutic applications. The ATX-CLC mouse strain maintains a robust heavy chain diversity and immune response
  • The common light chain mouse suite through a fully integrated discovery service, enabling Researchers to go from concept to lead candidate bispecific antibody in just 6–8 months
  • A high-throughput workflow includes comprehensive discovery, production, characterization and in vitro and in vivo functional screening to provide a clear rank order list of therapeutic leads

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Alloy Therapeutics

Alloy Therapeutics is a biotechnology ecosystem company empowering the global scientific community to make better medicines together. From licensing our platforms, to working with us as a trusted discovery service partner, we have collaborated with over 150 partners and counting including 16 of Fortune 50 Biopharmaceutical companies to enable the discovery of their next breakthrough biologic medicines.

With Alloy, you can:

  • Access our ever-growing stable of antibody and bispecific discovery platforms that blend in vivo and in vitro wet-lab capabilities with AI/ML. Discover with us through our services or by licensing our technologies for use in your lab.
  • Unlock intracellular targets with the therapeutic potential of T cell receptor (TCR) modalities through our fully integrated Keyway™ TCRm discovery service offering.
  • Reach genetic disease targets at the nucleic acid level with our novel AntiClastic™ ASO Format, which enhances the molecule’s potency while minimizing off-target interaction and inflammatory response.
  • Co-build new biotechnology companies that leverage our core platforms and service capabilities with Alloy’s affiliated Venture Studio, 82VS.

Founded in 2017 and privately funded by visionary investors, Alloy is headquartered in Boston, MA, with labs in Cambridge, U.K.; Basel, CH; and Athens, GA. We reinvest 100% of our revenue back into innovation and access to innovation.

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