Enhancing Animal Welfare and Improving Surgical Outcomes Using New Tracking Technology

Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Preclinical, Laboratory Technology,
  • Tuesday, July 31, 2018

This webinar will explore the challenges of paper-based tracking systems and how the implementation of new technology has improved surgical outcomes and enhanced animal welfare. For years, research institutions have made attempts to improve animal welfare (3 R’s) and surgical model outcomes through various tracking methodologies. Improvements have been limited as paper-based systems can cause issues with access and accuracy, while electronic documents face challenges with tracking and compliance.

An innovative software system was created to track and monitor the entire spectrum of animals used in the laboratory including surgical model development to improve animal welfare and realize efficiencies. The new technology is designed to limit human error by permanently identifying each rodent’s status through all stages of the surgical process, and to provide users with better access to inventory, effective metrics on particular aspects of surgical procedures, and a mechanism for ensuring that the right medications are taken at the right time.  

In this webinar, the speakers will explore a customer-based case study in using the new technology. The system adds an extra layer of quality assurance, meaning that customers can be sure the right model has been supplied for surgical procedures. By creating a digital repository, the system streamlines the regulatory compliance challenges of existing electronic documentation approaches, including failure to compile required data.


Brad Gien, Head of North America Surgery, Envigo

Brad is Head of North American Surgery for Envigo Research Models and Services. He has been with Envigo for nearly four years and has been a laboratory animal surgeon for 18 years. Brad started his career in behavioral neuroscience studying Parkinson’s disease and the neuroprotective effects of many different compounds. After a brief stint researching oncology, Brad was fortunate to work for a small start-up company and set up a pharmacokinetic early discovery lab. Thirteen years later, Brad came on as Envigo’s Global Surgery Program Manager and is now the Head of Surgery leading 30 surgical staff across 2 sites. As part of Envigo’s IACUC and Science and Technology Advisory Group, Brad is committed to helping others enhance their research.

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Matt Ruiter, President, UID Identification Solutions

Matthew is the President of UID Identification Solutions, where he provides customers with RFID Identification hardware and custom software to enhance efficiency of laboratory workflow and data collection. Matthew started his research career working in a contract laboratory that specialized in CNS research and drug testing. He was the lead surgeon and performed complex catheterizations and device testing on rodents, canines, and primates while also running drug infusions studies for neurological research. While at this position, he also served as Chairman of the IACUC committee and Study Director. After 8 years, he went on to become the Vice President of a medical device company that provided catheters, infusion pumps, and software for laboratory research. During more than 12 years in this position, Matthew traveled the world performing contract surgeries and teaching drug infusion procedures for all species.

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Who Should Attend?

Job functions:

  • Preclinical (in vivo) Scientists
  • PK/PD Researchers
  • Toxicologists
  • Animal Model Surgeons
  • In vivo research
  • PK/PD research
  • Toxicology
  • Animal model surgery

What You Will Learn

Join this webinar to hear from featured speakers who will:

  • Explore the challenges of paper-based tracking systems
  • Explain how the implementation of new technology has improved surgical outcomes and enhanced animal welfare
  • Discuss a customer-based case study in using the new technology

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