Enhancing Prostate Cancer Screening: AI, Imaging and Clinical Innovations

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  • Friday, March 22, 2024

This webinar will delve into how prostate cancer screening has been performed to date and the latest clinical research evaluating new diagnostic tests. The featured speakers will also discuss the critical role artificial intelligence (AI) will play in combination with clinical and imaging tests to deliver sustainable, patient-centric screening pathways.

The session will begin with an overview of recent advancements beyond prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing, including the latest clinical evidence assessing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based tests. The featured speakers will then discuss the potential of AI for improving prostate cancer screening pathways and address the current PSA testing shortcomings and operational limitations regarding radiologists’ workforce. The webinar will also explore the scientific underpinnings of AI-based predictive algorithms, covering essential aspects such as algorithm development and practical deployment.

The discussions will extend beyond clinical research, explore avenues for patient advocacy, health economic evaluations and strategies for enhancing patient outcomes with the ultimate aim of establishing scalable and effective screening pathways for prostate cancer. The session will also provide insights into ongoing clinical studies evaluating diverse diagnostic modalities, thus offering a glimpse into the future of prostate cancer detection.

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Professor Shonit Punwani, University College London

Professor Dr. Shonit Punwani, BSc, PhD, MBBS MRCP FRCR, Centre for Medical Imaging's Head & Consultant Radiologist at University College London, and Chair of National Cancer Imaging Translational Accelerator

With a PhD in MRI Physics, Dr. Shonit Punwani is Professor of Magnetic Resonance and Cancer Imaging and Consultant Radiologist at UCLH and Chair of the National Cancer Imaging Translational Accelerator. He has a specialist clinical and research interest in the application and development of quantitative and functional MRI methods for imaging prostate cancer. Specifically, he is driving forward MRI methods to enable the screening of prostate cancer, improve diagnostics and management of prostate cancer patients in secondary care and investigate in vivo prostate cancer metabolism as a decision-making tool for avoiding unnecessary treatment.

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Anna Nogué, Quibim

Anna Nogué, Project Manager, Quibim

Anna Nogué, as Project Manager in the Clinical Studies department, is focused on leading research projects with top-tier pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and international hospitals, as well as collaborating on grant-funded projects. The main area of oncology-related work is prostate and breast cancer. With experience in the clinical operation departments at pharmaceutical companies and CROs, as well as her technical background in biomedical engineering, she brings a more holistic point of view in optimizing medical images for more scientific projects and clinical trials.

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David Bazaga, Quibim

David Bazaga, Product Lead, Quibim

David Bazaga is the Product Lead at Quibim, spearheading the company’s efforts in the development, validation and deployment of healthcare algorithms used in clinical practice. His role sits at the intersection of R&D AI, Business Development and Regulatory Teams to ensure valuable products can reach a user’s clinical routine. He holds a BSc and MSc in Biomedical Engineering and has prior experience in AI-based medical devices and the biopharmaceutical industry.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to:

  • Medical/Scientific Leads
  • Imaging and biomarker specialists from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Researchers in life sciences
  • AI and ML Researchers
  • Imaging Scientists
  • Clinical Researchers
  • Clinical and imaging sites

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn about the:

  • Evolution of prostate cancer screening and the shift to MRI-based diagnostic tools for more accurate screening
  • Contribution of medical imaging for better management of patient diagnosis, improving treatment decisions
  • Development of AI-based algorithms in prostate cancer, including best practices and pitfalls
  • Ongoing clinical studies shaping the future of prostate cancer detection and treatment

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