Establishing Efficacy with Flow Cytometry-Based Receptor Occupancy Assays

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  • Tuesday, December 14, 2021

In clinical trials and drug development, receptor occupancy assays by flow cytometry are increasingly becoming the recommended method to establish efficacy of the targeted drug.

In this live webinar, interact with experienced scientists from Medpace’s central labs as they discuss how flow cytometric receptor occupancy assays — when correctly implemented — are a powerful tool in modelling pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) relationships in the development of novel drugs.

When developing novel therapeutic drugs, PDs are important to establish the effect of a drug in relation to its concentration in a given body fluid. If the drug binds to a cell surface receptor, measuring drug occupancy to its target receptor is one way to establish pharmacodynamics. Flow cytometric receptor occupancy assays can measure specific receptor occupancy and do so on different and specific cell sub-sets. In assay development, careful reagent selection is important to assure reliable receptor occupancy read out.

Reagent specificity is important as the assay relies on the ability to distinguish free vs. bound and total receptor. Drug binding to receptor needs to be stable from dosing to measurement, leading to potential limitations in stability. Careful evaluation of the protocol is important to evaluate feasibility of reproducible protocol execution, which requires that the person performing the assay be highly qualified.

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Priscillia Bresler, Medpace

Priscillia Bresler, PhD, Scientist, Flow Cytometry, Medpace

Dr. Bresler is a PhD scientist with specialized experience in immunology and analytical assay development using flow cytometry. She has extensive experience in flow cytometry, investigating the biology of neutrophils in patients and innate lymphoid cells on rodents. In addition, she has experience in drug discovery in the field of neuroinflammation using hIPSC-derived microglial cells. Dr. Bresler is well-versed in laboratory operations, ensuring accurate, precise, and medically reliable data. She has also participated in research and development within the flow cytometry area with direct oversight of assay validation and implementation.

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Andre Olsson, Medpace

Andre Olsson, PhD, Senior Scientist, Flow Cytometry, Medpace

Dr. Olsson is a Senior Scientist who has 14 years’ experience in hematological flow cytometry. He has a decade’s worth of experience serving in a Hematology division in a top US hospital, with demonstrated publications and solid knowledge in myeloid differentiation and single-cell RNA seq/omics. In addition, he has a deep understanding of big data in clinical research. He earned his PhD in Experimental Hematology.

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Who Should Attend?

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What You Will Learn

Topics will include:

  • The definition of a receptor occupancy assay
  • How to design and implement a receptor occupancy assay in a clinical laboratory
  • The benefit of receptor occupancy assays in clinical trials

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