Evolving DNA-Encoded Library Technology and Its Application for Innovative Drug Discovery

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  • Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Discover an informative webinar focusing on the transformative potential of DNA-encoded library technology in early-stage, small-molecule drug discovery, particularly for targeting G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs).

DNA-encoded libraries have seen remarkable advancements in recent years and have made a significant impact in successfully identifying a variety of hit compounds that have progressed to various stages of drug development. Proteins are the major targets used in DNA-encoded library selection as they can be either extracted from biological samples or, more often, expressed in the recombinant form, which allows for different designs of protein constructs. DNA-encoded library technology presents a disruptive hit identification platform that can vastly expedite the course of early-stage small-molecule drug discovery.

In this webinar, the expert speakers will provide an introduction to DNA-encoded library selection on different target types ranging from enzymes to receptors and highlight the unique advantages or features for the application of DNA-encoded libraries on these targets. They will also describe various DNA-encoded library platforms that have been developed and how they can be utilized to achieve success in the drug discovery process.

Furthermore, as a case study, BioAge will share their experience in using DNA-encoded library technology for their study entitled “The discovery of novel and potent indazole NLRP3 inhibitors enabled by DNA-encoded library screening”, which was published in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. In this work, the researchers have demonstrated a selection strategy for drug discovery using DNA-encoded library technology, directly identified small molecule structures, biophysical and biochemical activities, physicochemical properties and other factors.

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Alex Shaginian, Hitgen

Alex Shaginian, PhD, Vice President of Business Development and Chemical Sciences, HitGen

Alex Shaginian received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and MBA in Finance and Strategy from Babson’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business, graduating as a valedictorian of his MBA class.

Alex began his industrial career as a Senior Scientist in Medicinal Chemistry at Ardea Biosciences (acquired by AstraZeneca for $1.3B), where he specialized in the design and synthesis of new drug candidates targeting HIV, cancer and gout. In 2009, Alex joined GSK as a Principal Scientist and specialized in the development of novel on-DNA chemical transformations as well as the design and production of DNA-encoded libraries.


Among Alex’s notable achievements at GSK are pioneering a program that targeted novel chemical space with the DEL technology and the design and production of GSK’s largest and only six-cycle library of 2.5 trillion macrocyclic peptides. In 2016, Alex joined HitGen, where he currently works as a Vice President of Business Development and Chemical Sciences. His primary responsibilities entail negotiating business deals, establishing new partnerships, analyzing DEL selection output and generating hit proposals. Alex has co-authored over 15 scientific publications and patents.

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Rusty Montgomery, BioAge Labs

Rusty Montgomery, PhD, SVP-Research, BioAge Labs

Rusty Montgomery, PhD, leads novel target discovery efforts for BioAge’s pipeline of therapies that target aging to treat metabolic diseases. Rusty brings over 12 years of experience in target discovery efforts across myriad therapeutic areas. Prior to joining BioAge, Rusty was the Director of Research at miRagen Therapeutics and led preclinical efforts and alliance management in cardiovascular and fibrotic diseases.

He has 25 publications and 9 patents covering RNA and epigenetic modifiers as therapeutics across cardiovascular, fibrosis and neurological diseases. Rusty received his BS in Biochemistry from the University of Oklahoma and completed his PhD and postdoctoral work in Genetics from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center with Eric Olson.

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David Israel, PhD, Vice President of Lead Discovery Sciences, HitGen

Dr. David Israel is Vice President of Lead Discovery Sciences at HitGen Inc., where he oversees advancement of the DNA Encoded Library (DEL) platform and its use in drug discovery programs.

Dr. Israel obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Pharmacology from Stanford University in 1984.

Dr. Israel started his industrial career at Genetics Institute (now Pfizer), where he worked on the engineering of mammalian cell expression vectors and development of cell lines and production processes for recombinant proteins, several of which are successful commercial products (recombinant Factor VIII and bone morphogenetic protein-2).

Dr. Israel next worked at PRAECIS Pharmaceuticals on the discovery and development of small molecule and peptide drugs, and supporting drug discovery technologies. While at PRAECIS he played a pivotal role in development and use of the DEL platform, leading to its acquisition by GSK. Prior to joining HitGen in 2018, Dr. Israel worked at GSK as Director of Cell and Molecular Technologies, where he helped embed DEL technology into their drug discovery process, and expand application of the technology to cell membrane targets, such as G-protein coupled receptors. Dr. Israel was scientific leader of the first DEL project to yield a molecule that progressed into clinical trials, an inhibitor of the enzyme soluble epoxide hydrolase.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to professionals with the following job titles or those working in the following fields:

  • Biotechnology/Molecular Biology/DNA Sequencing
  • Senior Vice President/Vice President Research
  • Senior Research Director/Research Director
  • Chief Executive Officer/Chief Scientific Officer
  • Lead Researcher/Head of Research
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical research institutions
  • Universities specializing in biomedicine

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn about: 

  • Various DNA-encoded library platforms and how they can be strategically used in the drug discovery process to identify hits more efficiently
  • Different selection strategies for DNA-encoded library technology, including cell/membrane prep and protein-based selections
  • A detailed case study from BioAge on the discovery of novel inhibitors using DNA-encoded library technology
  • Determining biophysical and biochemical activities, physicochemical properties and overall drug-likeness of molecules identified through DNA-encoded library screening

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HitGen Inc

HitGen Inc. (SSE: 688222.SH) is a drug discovery research company with headquarters in Chengdu, China, and subsidiaries in Cambridge, UK, and Houston, USA. HitGen has established leading technology platforms to enable the discovery and optimization of small molecules and nucleic acid drugs. Our key technology platforms include world-leading DNA-encoded library technology (DEL), fragment-based drug discovery and structure-based drug design technologies (FBDD/SBDD), as well as the emerging technology platforms for synthetic therapeutic oligonucleotide technology (STO), and targeted protein degradation technology (TPD). Through our diverse and flexible business models, we have built up collaboration partnerships with several hundred biopharmaceutical research organizations worldwide. HitGen has multiple programmes from early discovery to the clinical trial stages.

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