Elevating IIoT Data through Analytics to Optimize Manufacturing Operations

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  • Thursday, November 19, 2020

More and more manufacturers are realizing the benefits of connecting industrial equipment and technology to streamline their operations and reduce costs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about how optimized machine data collection through Industrial IoT (IIoT) technology can give you insights into key metrics and opportunities to adopt new best practices and change management: the critical components for smart manufacturing and a connected enterprise.

Manufacturers who once relied firmly on their intuition and manual processes are now face-to-face with massive amounts of machine-generated data. Due to the complexity of this data, disconnected systems and gaps in technology ecosystems, conventional data collection methods fail to provide manufacturers with the visibility, accuracy and analytical capabilities needed for smarter decision making. Leveraging IIot technology provides a new way forward for manufacturers.

Don’t miss this opportunity and join this webinar to learn how an optimized IIoT plan can interconnect your people, processes and data to minimize loss and achieve operational excellence.



Nick Marchioli, VP Sales-Global, Shoplogix

Nick Marchioli is a true veteran in the manufacturing world with over 20 years of experience empowering businesses through innovative software solutions and helping organizations refine their SMART goals. With hundreds of plant implementations in sectors like automotive, food, and beverage, industrial packaging, CPG, and steel services, he has the right expertise to help take businesses to the next level.

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Alexander Sarymow, European Manager - Operational Excellence, Mauser Solutions

Alexander is responsible for overseeing Smart Factory deployment and delivery of Enterprise Manufacturing Analytics. With an operational excellence focus, he supports the adoption and training efforts for Smart Factory across Europe. His extensive background in lean with Kerkhoff Consulting Group and Siemens AG has also equipped him with the right expertise to help manufacturers drive transformation initiatives.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to C-suite and managerial personnel with roles such as:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT
  • Operations
  • Quality
  • Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, panelists will discuss:

  • How to leverage machine truth data to make enterprise-level decisions
  • The latest drivers and trends in IIoT and how organizations are leveraging technology for data-driven analytics to enhance productivity
  • Ways to leverage technology to enable a sustainable, scalable connected factory and enterprise

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Founded in 2002, Shoplogix is a leader in the IIoT Smart Factory software industry. By connecting people, processes, machines, and data through their Smart Factory Cloud Platform, manufacturers are empowered to visualize, integrate, and act on production performance in real-time and drive rapid time to value. Shoplogix serves customers in 32 countries, primarily in the automotive, food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, industrial packaging, and steel services industrial sectors. Re-define your manufacturing operations by making the Shoplogix Smart Factory Platform the cornerstone of your digital transformation.

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