Patient-Centric Brand Growth with ChatGPT, Predictive AI and On-Demand Patient Journey

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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Join this groundbreaking webinar that will explore the transformative power of AI combined with patient-level data and how it can benefit patient-centric brand growth within the pharmaceutical industry. In this panel discussion, three leaders from Prospection, a pioneering healthcare analytics company, will shed light on how AI technologies, patient claims data and user-friendly analytics platforms are revolutionising the way life sciences businesses launch and manage brands while driving improved business and health outcomes.

Attendees will discover how ChatGPT can be used to enable personalised interactions with data that result in decision-enabling insights. With patient-centricity becoming an increasingly essential part of enhancing clinical outcomes, this webinar will highlight the role of patient claims data in delivering improved business outcomes and health outcomes. In addition, attendees will learn how Predictive AI algorithms leverage longitudinal patient claims data to unlock strategic insights for drug launches, treatment patterns and brand optimization.

The featured speakers will share their expertise and experiences in leveraging AI, longitudinal patient-level data and user-friendly analytics platforms to shape patient-centric pharmaceutical strategies. Engage in a dynamic conversation as they discuss the criticality of patient journey insights, the power of AI and their transformative impact on business and health outcomes.

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Eric Chung,Prospection

Eric Chung, Co-Founder, Prospection

As a cofounder of Prospection, Eric Chung has built a business fueled by deep understanding of the life sciences industry. He has become a leading thinker around RWE and the use of patient-level data for powering better business decisions and helping patients achieve better health outcomes. Eric brings 20 years of insights from business consulting with Accenture, start-up creation and management and data and analytics across multiple industries.

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Nathan Walters, Prospection

Nathan Walters, General Manager ANZ, Prospection

As Prospection’s ANZ General Manager, Nathan Walters brings over 20 years’ experience leading market access and HEOR teams within the pharmaceutical sector, most recently as Janssen Pharmaceutical’s Vice President Market Access Asia Pacific. Nathan is an enabler of brands seeking access to market, with strong credentials in policy development, payer modelling and real-world evidence generation.

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Kristen Mann, Prospection

Kirsten Mann, Chief Product Officer, Prospection

Kirsten Mann brings 25 years of experience in the tech industry working across the disciplines of product management, user experience and product development. Kirsten has built and led global teams and helped organisations become customer and people-focused by creating award winning product and service experiences which meet real needs and achieve commercial outcomes.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar is a must-attend for pharmaceutical professionals in:

  • Brand Management
  • Marketing
  • Market Access
  • Commercial Operations
  • Analytics

What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT
    • Discover how ChatGPT can be used to enable personalised interactions with data that result in decision-enabling insights
    • And provide answers to key business questions and improve team capabilities around the use of data to drive outcomes
  • Harnessing Patient-Centric Insights for Success
    • Understand the critical role of patient claims data in delivering improved business outcomes and health outcomes
    • Explore how patient-level data completes the view of the market and patient landscape, uncovering opportunities that sales data alone cannot reveal
  • Amplifying the Power of Predictive AI
    • Discover how Predictive AI algorithms leverage longitudinal patient claims data to unlock strategic insights for drug launches, treatment patterns and brand optimization
    • Learn how predictive analytics, driven by AI, will elevate the quality of decision-making, driving commercial success while enhancing patient-centric care
  • Empowering Non-BI Experts with User-Friendly, On-Demand Analytics Platforms
    • Learn the significance of user-friendly analytics platforms that bridge the gap between data investment and real value
    •  See how intuitive platforms enable non-BI experts to effortlessly navigate patient-centric data, unleashing its true potential to drive business growth and improve patient outcomes

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Prospection is a pioneer in health data analytics technology. We are on a mission to make advancements to precision medicine through real world evidence, with an aim to put the right patient on the right treatment at the right time. Applying advanced ML algorithms to real-world data we unearth health journey and treatment insights by analysing longitudinal data for hundreds of millions of patients to see how drug treatments are used after the clinical trial. Delivering actionable real-world evidence that enables better outcomes for patients, across the world.


Prospection is guided by credentialled experts and innovative leaders within their respective fields. Globally, we work with over 15 large health data sets (Claims, EMR, Registry & Commercial), applying our expertise to examine health patterns. Working with government and researchers through to our core client base in the pharma/biopharmaceutical industry, we have delivered insights across more than 90 therapeutic indications. Including rare and complex diseases such as oncology, immuno-oncology, virology, metabolic conditions, respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Prospection is backed by investors including Ellerston, Horizons Ventures and Main Sequence, and commercially with CRO Novotech.

Only 60% of healthcare is in line with evidence-based guidelines, 30% is wasteful or of low value to the patient, and 10% is harmful. We assess the use, value, and outcomes of treatments to find the 40% that can be optimized and deliver actionable insights across the healthcare industry through SaaS analytics products. As always, our aim is to make advancements to precision medicine through real-world evidence.

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