Longitudinal Patient Data — Addressing Common Questions & Unlocking the Value of Real-World Data

Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Commercialization & HEOR,
  • Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Pharmaceutical companies work with many different types of data ranging from commercial sales through to longitudinal patient data. In this webinar, the featured speakers explore the distinct differences and the importance of applying the right methods to ensure data accuracy and maintain business confidence. The panel of industry and data science experts draw from their collective experiences working with clients and real world datasets across the world. They address some of the most common questions clients ask when working with longitudinal patient data. This webinar will be a discussion on navigating the complexity of real-world data (RWD) to help pharma companies maintain a competitive edge driven through real world insights. The team will provide tips for asking the right analytics questions to unlock the true power of real-world data.

Key themes:

  • Building confidence and addressing the challenges of working with real-world data
  • Asking the right questions to deliver the most accurate answer — how to approach the longitudinal aspect
  • The different needs of cross functional capabilities, answering questions across the product lifecycle for aligned decision-making
  • Latest analytics methods and techniques, translating complex data science into commercial relevance
  • Data scaling, how to be confident in representativeness?
  • How are pharma companies applying real-world data in their business processes — some common use cases
  • Why work with a third party supplier in a world where global pharma companies are establishing in-house capabilities? What are the benefits?

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Vincent Caillet, Prospection

Vincent Caillet, Principal, Client Solutions, Prospection

Vincent Caillet has been providing health insights at Prospection for the last four years, thinking creatively to generate new solutions and making improvements to current processes that deliver value to patients and improve their experiences and quality of care. Prior to Prospection, Vincent was working in a clinical environment in medical physics and obtained his PhD in medicine, specialising in enhancing the standard of care for patients with cancer undergoing radiation therapy. His life journey motivated him to rely on advanced data analytics to engage with healthcare staff, patients, governmental institutions and insurance and pharmaceutical companies to better understand how to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

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Ronald Chan, Prospection

Ronald Chan, Principal, Client Solutions, Prospection

Ronald Chan currently holds a Principal, Client Solutions role at Prospection, his team provides patient insights and real-world data to help clients with a variety of needs from reporting, business strategy, to forecasting. PhD qualified in the life sciences, Ronald has worked in the healthcare and the life sciences consulting industry for the past eight years, and has developed new methods and reports to analyse health-related datasets. Throughout this journey, he has worked across hospitals and pharmacies dispensing and GP datasets, providing insights and analytics across the ANZ region. Passionate about analytics, Ronald is a strong believer in the potential of longitudinal data to inform strategic and commercial decisions.

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Glenn Sprowell, Prospection

Glenn Sprowell, Client Solutions (Business Partnerships), Prospection

Glenn is Prospection’s Principal of Client Solutions, responsible for new business partnerships. Over the past 15 years, Glenn has held leadership and commercial roles in health technology and data analytics. Before joining Prospection, he worked with Life Sciences and Healthcare providers at IBM, Roche, and GlobalData Healthcare. His passion is delivering meaningful insights for improving efficiency, performance and safety that impacts treatment innovation and outcomes for patients.

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Who Should Attend?

Medtech and Pharmaceutical companies with job roles across functional capabilities that involve decision-making across the drug lifecycle including:

  • Medical Affairs
  • HEOR
  • Commercial Development
  • Market Access
  • Marketing
  • Business Insights
  • Business Information and Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Commercial Effectiveness/Commercial Excellence

What You Will Learn

Attendees will:

  • Understand the value of real-world data as a critical business tool to guide brand strategy and find the right patients for best outcomes
  • Get answers to common questions pertaining to the access of, application and process behind working with real-world data
  • Build confidence when working with real-world data to extract insights for aligned and informed business processes

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Prospection is a pioneer in health data analytics technology. We are on a mission to make advancements to precision medicine through real world evidence, with an aim to put the right patient on the right treatment at the right time. Applying advanced ML algorithms to real-world data we unearth health journey and treatment insights by analysing longitudinal data for hundreds of millions of patients to see how drug treatments are used after the clinical trial. Delivering actionable real-world evidence that enables better outcomes for patients, across the world.


Prospection is guided by credentialled experts and innovative leaders within their respective fields. Globally, we work with over 15 large health data sets (Claims, EMR, Registry & Commercial), applying our expertise to examine health patterns. Working with government and researchers through to our core client base in the pharma/biopharmaceutical industry, we have delivered insights across more than 90 therapeutic indications. Including rare and complex diseases such as oncology, immuno-oncology, virology, metabolic conditions, respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Prospection is backed by investors including Ellerston, Horizons Ventures and Main Sequence, and commercially with CRO Novotech.

Only 60% of healthcare is in line with evidence-based guidelines, 30% is wasteful or of low value to the patient, and 10% is harmful. We assess the use, value, and outcomes of treatments to find the 40% that can be optimized and deliver actionable insights across the healthcare industry through SaaS analytics products. As always, our aim is to make advancements to precision medicine through real-world evidence.

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