Supplementing for the Silent Epidemic of Overnutrition and Fatty Liver

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  • Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFL) and the disease state it propagates currently affect approximately two billion people, globally. It’s the epidemic that people are only beginning to become aware of, as its silent process and complicating role in many chronic diseases positions it to cripple health economies around the world, according to some statistics. Practically speaking, NAFL affects more people than the populations of China and US, combined.

NAFL is a lifestyle-linked process, driven by the excess consumption of fat, sugar and calories, as well as an underactive lifestyle. The complications of fatty liver are extensive – affecting systems beyond the liver, including the heart and vascular systems, kidneys and significantly impacts the onset and progression of diabetes. Weight loss and lifestyle change are the best ways to modulate the development and progression of fatty liver, but compliance is often an issue.

What if botanical extracts that were specially-formulated to maintain their food-like fingerprint could both impede the fatty liver process and take some of the frustration out of adopting a healthier lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight? The food-like fingerprint we are describing characterizes the inclusion of native fibers from potent botanicals, like bergamot, that add value in targeting aspects of NAFL directly and indirectly. The webinar will also evidence the traditional wisdom of botanical synergism and how standardized ingredient formulations may be the best way forward for multifactorial processes, like NAFL.


Shavon Michel

Shavon Jackson-Michel, ND, Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs, DolCas Biotech, LLC

Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel is a licensed naturopathic doctor with formal undergraduate training as a biomedical engineer. Her critical thinking and systems approach have informed her expertise in natural medicine and natural products development, while guiding the skillset she has honed in public speaking, education and science-based marketing. As a science officer with DolCas Biotech, Dr. Jackson-Michel leads the commercial development of many of the company’s top brands, while spearheading the scientific evaluation and product education that support the sales and marketing teams of DolCas and its formulation partners. Dr. Jackson-Michel maintains a small wellness practice where she focuses on naturopathic approaches to women’s health & fertility conditions.

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Dr Mollace

Vincenzo Mollace, MD, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology, Herbal & Antioxidant Derivatives Srl

Dr. Vincenzo Mollace served as the Former Director of the Department of Pharmacology at San Raffaele IRCCS Rome, and is currently the Director of the IRC-FSH of Southern Italy and Full Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Catanzaro “Magna Graecia,” Italy. As of 1990, he started studying the effect of antioxidant compounds in protecting against atherosclerosis and vascular injury, mostly in collaboration with estimable research centers worldwide. He has studied the properties of bergamot fruit in experimental models of vascular injury and published to date, more than 100 papers in top ranking scientific journals and book chapters in the field of cardiovascular pharmacology.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Sales & Marketing (Manger, Director, VP)
  • Product Development (Associate, Lead, Director, VP)
  • Business Development (Associate, Lead, Director, VP)
  • Product Managers
  • Scientific/Technical Affairs (Director, VP)
  • Product Innovation (Head, Manager, Director, VP, etc.)
  • Director of Research & Development (not academia)
  • Chief Science Officers

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about how NAFL develops, its global impact and its consequences when left unchecked
  • Be one of the first to learn about the bioavailability-enhancing benefits of native botanical fibers
  • Learn about clinically-proven botanical extracts, their multifactorial use in NAFL and the benefits of their synergism when prepared together
  • Gain new insights into the Southern Italian diet and some Mediterranean dietary staples

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Dolcas Biotech

Dolcas Biotech is a natural products ingredient firm, specialized in the commercial development and market positioning of clinically studied, patented brands for the dietary supplement, functional foods and beverages industry. Established in 2007 as an extension of its founding corporation Orcas Naturals, DolCas was formed in response to the then-budding interest in branded nutraceuticals. Given our experience in generic powders and extracts, we understood that marketing branded ingredients required a more attentive focus on our customers, a more thorough understanding of science and an evolving sense of the prevailing trends of the industry. DolCas expanded its scope, becoming vertically integrated with the establishment of its own manufacturing facilities in Bikaner, India – DolCas Botanosys, in 2017. DolCas is committed to the highest possible quality and safety standards for our brands and to that end, nurtures its mission to transform lives and optimize health daily.

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