Sensor-Based Logistics for Life Science Supply Chains

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  • Monday, April 22, 2013

As businesses operate in an increasingly connected world, it’s important that their global supply chains reflect technology advancements with the correct equipment. This is especially true for Healthcare supply chains.

As more and more information is required about the safety and security of shipments, forward-thinking companies are now looking to the cutting edge in supply chain technology: sensor-based logistics (SBL).

Companies that specialize in pharmaceutical, medical device, clinical trials and other segments are finding out that SBL is the foundation of a powerful new central nervous system for the global supply chain. SBL is comprised of a combination of environmental sensors, wireless communication and management software. SBL allows users to monitor critical shipment variables such as location, temperature, light, humidity and barometric pressure, and relays this data in near-real time to enable customers to quickly act accordingly.

During this webinar, you will be provided with five questions to get ahead of the SBL trend and things to consider when getting a program off the ground:

  • Why do you need an SBL program and what are your goals?
  • What kinds of platforms are available, and which fit your needs?
  • Who will need to be involved in implementing and running the system?
  • How will the system work operationally on a day-to-day basis?
  • How big will the scale of the system need to be?

Also, guest speaker Rich Horan, VP of Support Operations with med fusion, will be talking about his experiences with SBL and what it has meant to his supply chain.

A Q&A with the audience will follow the main presentation.



Richard W. Horan, Vice President, Support Operations, med fusion

Rich Horan brings over 20 years operations experience in healthcare. Most recently he was with U.S. HealthWorks Occupational Health Care, where he led the effort to centralize the purchasing and maintenance functions for over 130 medical centers. Prior to that he worked for Quest Laboratories, Mayo Medical Laboratories, and AmeriPath/Specialty Laboratories as Assistant Vice President Materials/Facilities.

Message Presenter

Chris Swearingen, Marketing Manager, FedEx

With more than 20 years experience in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and International Marketing, Chris Swearingen is currently leading the SenseAware effort for FedEx. In his role, Chris oversees the US domestic and global rollout of SenseAware.

He has spent the last seven years at FedEx fulfilling a multitude of roles. Chris was hired by FedEx to launch its entry into NASCAR. In 2007, he was asked to move to the Innovation Department to utilize his start-up experience on the SensAware project. He was responsible for prototyping various business models, customer deployment and the day-to-day business operations of SenseAware.

Chris’ duties were recently expanded to include overseeing the SenseAware strategic direction including product development, customer experience, User-Interface design and market expansion.

His career has been eclectic with a mix of entrepreneurial, corporate and agency experience. He has worked with McDonald’s and various other Fortune 100 companies. He owned multiple Play It Again Sports stores and was the President of 360° Sports Marketing. Roush Racing acquired the agency and Chris went on to work as a senior member of the race team.

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Who Should Attend?

Healthcare/pharmaceutical industry executives:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Logistics Managers
  • Customer Service Managers

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SenseAwareSM powered by FedEx is a technological breakthrough in the world of sensor-based logistics. SenseAware integrates an advanced multi-sensor device that travels inside your shipments with a powerful web-based application, providing near real-time access to your shipments’ current location and environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, exposure to light, and barometric pressure– and the ability to collaborate and share that information with your business partners.

The benefits go well beyond logistics. By providing advanced visibility and insight, SenseAware helps you to be in control of your supply chain. Actionable, near real-time data and customized alerts enable you to take action if problems arise. Accurate, easily accessible information regarding location and environmental conditions enable you to correct operational issues and improve supply chain efficiency. With regulatory approval in many international countries, you’ll gain visibility when you ship overseas—where complications may arise more frequently. Numerous air and ground carriers are available on the SenseAware platform, giving you the flexibility to choose the transportation options that best meet your needs.

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