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Wonderful Pistachios Launches New Plant-Based Protein Campaign

Wonderful Pistachios Launches New Plant-Based Protein Campaign

Plant-based protein is more mainstream than ever before and as the industry continues to grow, companies are doing all they can to stand out to consumers in order to leverage sales over competitors.

This has led Wonderful Pistachios, a privately held $4.6 billion company that sells raw, roasted, salted, and flavored pistachios to launch a new multimillion-dollar marketing campaign.

The campaign emphasizes that the brand’s pistachios are a natural source of plant-based protein grown directly from trees, as opposed to being artificially developed in a lab.

“As more consumers make changes in their diet to eat less meat, but simultaneously crave more protein, Wonderful Pistachios represents the perfect snack because it’s a real, whole food containing six grams of plant-based protein per serving,” said Adam Cooper, senior vice president of marketing, of The Wonderful Company. “When it comes to plant-based protein, you can’t beat the original, and our new campaign drives that message home.”

The new campaign will include a picture of a pistachio tree on their print ads, social media, digital advertisements, public relations, emails, and retail bins. The bins will also provide retailers with a lift in sales to further accelerate their campaign throughout 2020.

Last year, the pistachio brand hosted the Plant-Based Nutrition Leadership Symposium that educated nutrition experts on plant-based nutra-science and culinary applications. As a part of their marketing campaign this year, the company is hosting another symposium that will discuss plant-based food trends to its retailers, supermarket dieticians, and nutrition experts.

The company’s efforts to invest more heavily in plant-based research isn’t surprising. According to Market Watch, the plant-based protein industry is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 8 percent from 2019 to 2025 and be worth $14 billion by 2025.

In addition, a Mintel statistic states 75 percent of Americans are adding more protein to their diets, and Wonderful Pistachios claims their new marketing campaign will use this new trend to their advantage, by touting themselves as protein snack that is healthy, rich in fiber and cholesterol-free.