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World Milk Day 2021: Raising a Glass to Milk and All Its Glory

World Milk Day 2021: Raising a Glass to Milk and All Its Glory

June 1st marks World Milk Day, and international celebration of all things milk-related, with this year’s themes including nutrition, sustainability and livelihoods.

Each year on June 1st, World Milk Day is celebrated worldwide to honor the beverage’s many benefits and contributions to society as well as the people that make milk production possible. 

Established by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2001, World Milk Day is celebrated with various programs and events highlighting the importance of milk. Here’s everything you need to know about the history and significance of the holiday, as well as events planned for World Milk Day 2021.

History and Significance of World Milk Day

A slew of foods and beverages have national or international days dedicated to them, including chocolate, bagels and tea. One dairy enthusiast thought milk deserved to have one too. In 2001, a request was sent to the FAO to select a specific date to celebrate anything and everything related to milk – and the rest was history.

Not to be confused with National Milk Day celebrated each year on January 11th in the US, World Milk Day is an international holiday that pays tribute to the dairy sector and the significance of milk as a global food. The tradition of celebrating World Milk Day on June 1st is deliberate – many countries were already observing the day on or around this date, so it later became the official date.

The main objective of World Milk Day is to raise awareness and highlight the importance of milk in our daily lives. Apart from being a great source of calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients, milk and other dairy products are a means of livelihood for nearly one billion people around the world. Milk is also a massive component of the global economy. The day holds special significance for India, one of the largest producers of milk across the globe.

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Events and Campaigns

Events and Campaigns

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are no major in-person events planned for World Milk Day 2021. However, event organizers were urged to shift to online programs and social media campaigns to celebrate safely. According to World Milk Day’s website, this year’s themes include: 

  • “Good food, health and nutrition 
  • Farmers caring responsibly for their communities, the land and their animals
  • Sustainability practices in the dairy sector
  • How dairy contributes to economic development and livelihoods”

A worldwide rally took place in the days leading up to June 1st, but there are plenty of other campaigns, events and programs planned for World Milk Day 2021. For example, in Brisbane, Australia, one milk lover will be hosting a livestream outlining the various benefits of drinking milk under the theme of nutrition. In Bengaluru, India, Novozymes is hosting a webinar featuring prominent thought leaders in the dairy industry under the theme of sustainability. 

A US event based in Rosemont, Illinois, is focusing on the theme of livelihoods by showcasing young American dairy farmers and everything they’re passionate about, aside from dairy farming. There are nearly 30 other online events hosted by different countries, including France, Italy, Germany and the UK on June 1st to celebrate World Milk Day 2021.

Social media users can get it on the celebration by using the hashtags #WorldMilkDay and #EnjoyDairy.