Job advertisements, once posted, will be displayed on the Xtalks Job Search for thirty (30 days) or for a shorter period if the client elects to remove the advertisement for any reason (e.g. because the employment vacancy has been filled), and may be renewed by exchanging additional credits when desired. Job credits, once exchanged for a job posting, expire after 30 days. Unused job credits expire after one year from the date of purchase, unless a client has purchased an enterprise package whereby bespoke conditions apply. Honeycomb Worldwide Inc. (“Honeycomb”) has a no refunds policy and makes no guarantees as to the performance of the job postings. Job credits are not redeemable for cash and cannot be resold. Credits may only be exchanged as part of referral programmes promoted and administered by Honeycomb. You must not post a job advertisement that is in breach of employment law, that is discriminatory, does not abide by equal opportunity guidelines or is misrepresentative of the actual terms of employment. To ensure the integrity of the Job Board, to protect and provide value to users, Honeycomb reserves the right, at its sole discretion,  to refuse or delete any job postings that are deemed to be inappropriate, not relevant or non-compliant with employment laws, standards or expectations.   

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