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Technology Solutions for Late Phase Research:

Optimising Real World Data Assets


Date: May 1, 2017 (60 minutes)

Featured Speakers:

  • Michael Cook, MSc, MSPH, PhD, Principal, Epidemiology, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes
  • Bill Row, MBA, MS, Divisional Principal, Real World Evidence, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes

Key Insights:

Join us to learn how technological innovation can be applied to late phase research studies and how the smart application of that technology can enhance use of real world data (RWD) assets. Attendees will gain valuable insights on:

  • The use of EHR data across the lifecycle of late phase research studies
  • How RWD can be optimised and analysed using technology to enhance clinical research efficiency and provide the real world evidence (RWE) necessary for stakeholder engagement
  • Technology solution considerations for optimising RWD assets


With demand increasing for new and innovative ways to approach Late Phase Research (LPR), technology solutions and access to RWD are at the forefront of creating efficiencies in all stages of study design and implementation. But what steps should you take in study planning to ensure these efficiencies are effectively applied? And how can you partner with CROs to ensure that the secondary and primary data are pulled through the appropriate technology solutions for optimal use?

The enrolment process for clinical trials is notoriously inefficient. Sponsors struggle to identify the best investigator sites and enrol the target number of patients amid competing trials. Part of this inefficiency stems from the traditional recruitment model of relying on selected Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to recruit patients. With the right information about how many patients are eligible—and where they are located—this model can be turned on its head. EHR data can improve this process dramatically. Our experts will discuss:

  • The use of EHR data to conduct protocol feasibility assessments
  • Efficient site and physician identification, as well as patient identification and enrolment
  • Continued collection of EHR data on enrolled patients for ongoing RWE generation
  • The use of a technology platform to cohesively bring the data together

Keywords: Late Phase Research, Real World Data


    Michael Cook, MSc, MSPH, PhD, Principal, Epidemiology, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes

    Dr. Cook has 15 years of pharmaceutical company experience holding positions of increasing responsibility at Merck, Pfizer and Shire. His area of methodological expertise is in the analysis of large health care databases to conduct real world evidence (RWE) studies.

    Bill Row, MBA, MS, Divisional Principal, Real World Evidence, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes

    Bill has over 17 years of experience in study design and execution. He is a recognized leader in the design, operational strategy, and commercial applications of RWE late phase studies for both pharma companies and CROs. His has held leadership roles in clinical operations, project management, and strategy/innovation.


    This program is intended for professionals from pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies involved in:

    • Medical affairs
    • Feasibility
    • Epidemiology (EPI)
    • Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR)
    • Market access

    ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes, which optimises the value of drugs and medical devices through innovative strategies and tactics to meet evolving evidentiary, regulatory, and reimbursement requirements. Our expert team establishes and communicates a product's unique clinical and economic outcomes to achieve success in today's dynamic and patient-centric healthcare environment.

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