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CNS 2020 Symposium Poster Session

CNS 2020 Symposium Poster Session

Welcome to the CNS 2020 Symposium poster session. Please review the following posters by clicking on each image below. If you have a question about one of the posters, please use the form near the bottom of this page to submit your question to the authors. We will be reviewing questions during the Live Moderated Q&A “Happy Hours” poster session webinar. If you haven’t registered for the poster session webinar, please be sure to register for the CNS 2020 Symposium, here.

Influences of antibiotics and fecal transfaunation on bacterial gut microbiotas in ring-tailed lemurs  Establishing Blood Ionized Calcium and Antion Gap Reference Intervals in Southern White Rhinoceros
Bornbusch (2020) Burnham (2020)
Mealworms  and Humans: Nutrient Analysis and Potential Bioremediation of Polystyrene Effect of Probiotic Supplementation and Management on Fecal Bacterial Communities in Healthy Zebras Under Human Care
Campbell-Irlbeck-2020 Di-lernia-et-al-2020

Assessment of the Development of Small Intestine Morphology in Pigs from Birth Through Six Weeks Post-Weaning

Something to Ruminate on Rumination Behaviour of Ruminants of Different Body Weights and Feeding Type
Elefson et al (2020) Hellinga-et-al-2020
What Chooses our Gut Friends? Diet and Body Compositon of Two Native Andean Killifish of Lake Titicaca: Understanding their Nutritional Ecology
Herrera-German-2020  Loayza-et-al-2020-Diet-body
Reducing Sugar in Diets for Captive New World Primates; Golden Lion Tamarin , Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin, Saki Monkey, Geoffroy’s Marmoset  and Goeldi’s Monkey, and assessing resulting microbiome shifts Impact of Species and their Edible Parts on the Nutritive Value of Fish From the Same Aquatic Environment, The  Gilgel Gibe Reservoir, Ethiopia
Lopez-Bondarchuk-et-al-2020 Negisho-et-al-2020
The Comparison of Milk Microbiome and Microbial Function of Mammals from Marine and Terrestrial Habitats

Comparison of Fatty Acid Profiles of Free-Ranging and Mananged Southern White Rhinoceroses: Implication for Health and Nutrition of Animals Under Human Care

Pastel-et-al-2020 Pettiglio (2020) Comparision
Dik-diks Prefer Less Thorny Foods after Competitive Release

Identifying Optimum Bio-Indicators for Mineral Status in Elephants and Applying these to Increase Understanding of how Minerals Provision Influences African Elephant Movement.

Reed et al (2020) Sach-et-al-2020
Geographical and Body size Related Shifts in the Foraging Strategies of Titicaca Water Frog Fat Scoring in White-throated Sparrows as an Estimation of Body Condition: A Validation Study
Saravia-et-al-2020 Wenker et al (2020)

We encourage attendees to submit questions for the Student Poster Q&A session by Tuesday, August 4th. Questions can be submitted by emailing them to CNSProgram2020@gmail.com. Make sure to mention the name of the first author of the poster in your question.

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