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Earth Fare Introduces New Low-Price ‘Clean Food Security’ Meals

Earth Fare Introduces New Low-Price ‘Clean Food Security’ Meals

Earth Fare unveils a new “Clean Food Security” program that can feed a family of four for under ten dollars per meal.

Earth Fare is combatting Whole Foods’ price cuts with its new low-price “Clean Food Security” program, featuring daily deals that are designed to provide meals that can feed families of four or less for under two dollars and fifty cents per person.

“There’s a misconception that clean, healthy eating costs more. The truth is, not taking care of our health through the foods we eat is what’s really costly,” said Frank Scorpiniti, Earth Fare’s president and CEO. “Our customers are able to shop confidently, knowing that the items they buy are the cleanest, healthiest products available and Clean Food Security™ allows them to feed a family of four dinner for just ten dollars.”

The natural and organic food retailer’s new program features a unique meal and theme for every night of the week. All meals can be made using the price-locked naturally or organically sourced ingredients found in Earth Fare. Daily offerings include a five-dollar rotisserie chicken every Monday night, family pasta night for under ten dollars every Tuesday and five more unique dinners for the rest of the week.

The Ashville, N.C. based company says that its Clean Food Security program provides meal options that are readily available and beat drive-thru expectations.

“It’s no secret that life expectancy in America is on the decline, but it’s within our power to reverse that trend and get on a path toward living longer, healthier lives,” said Scorpiniti. “We have to stop accepting the misconception that healthy eating is not readily accessible and is time-consuming. It simply doesn’t need to be that way.”

The meal plan incorporates a lot of new trends such as meal kits, clean labels, fresh ingredients and daily meal deals. This promotion is aimed at capturing the attention of value-focused consumers and competing with the new Amazon-owned Whole Foods.

Due to pricing pressure throughout the organic foods industry, with Whole Foods’ price cuts and discount specialty chains like Sprouts and Lucky’s, organic food chains like Earth Fare can no longer rely on just freshness and quality alone.

The company hopes its meal deals and other promotions will pay off as it expands into new markets. Earth Fare recently announced that it plans on building more than 20 stores in Florida over the next few years. Currently the chain has 43 stores across nine states in the Southeast, mid-Atlantic and Midwest, which is a big step-up from the 13 stores it operated just a decade ago.