Ex-Red Bull CEO Launches Natural Detox Drink Called Sober Up

Ex-Red Bull CEO Launches Natural Detox Drink Called Sober Up

Sober Up claims to support liver health and prevent hangovers.

From boosting energy to promoting mental clarity, the former CEO of Red Bull UK, Harry Drnec, is now looking to enter the natural detox market with a new kind of drink called Sober Up, which claims to help to prevent hangovers.

Sober Up comes in a 22 ml bottle and is to be taken as a quick detox shot. According to the company, Sober Up is made from naturally sourced ingredients that are powerful enough to detox the body, support liver health and prevent hangovers. The shot can be taken before, during or after drinking to help prevent hangovers. It can also be taken anytime as a general detox to support liver health. What makes the product unique is that it assists the body’s natural detoxification process rather than just targeting the specific symptoms associated with hangovers.

“For the first time in my career, I am working on a new product that was created to help people,” said Drnec. “The naturally sourced ingredients in Sober Up don’t just treat the symptoms of a hangover, they actually treat the cause of a hangover, which is too much alcohol in your system for too long.”

Drnec is launching Sober Up through an Indiegogo campaign and is promoting his product to health-focused consumers. Those who support the campaign will have the option of selecting various support packages that include the immediate delivery of Sober Up at discounted prices. Backers are also able to communicate with Drnec directly in regards to the new product.

“I want to hear from all our Indiegogo backers because what I learn from them will be the key to our success,” said Drnec.

This move into the health food space is a surprising new step for Drnec considering his career history. Aside from Red Bull, Drnec is well known for his contributions in the alcohol and beverage industry. For the past 40 years, Drnec was associated with popular beverage brands such as Gallo Wines and Budweiser. In fact, at Budweiser, he led the team that originally launched Bud Light, which is one of the best-known and best-selling beers in the world. As the CEO of Red Bull UK, he helped the brand increase their product sales from three million cans to over three billion cans in just 12 years.

With such success in the beverage industry, it’s interesting to see Drnec make the move into the health food space. However, it’s no secret that consumers are starting to prefer healthy food and beverage options over high-sugar products. Considering Sober Up’s versatility as a hangover cure and natural detox, it seems to fit in perfectly with the lifestyles of millennials, who are known to have active lifestyles.

Another trend Drnec plans to tap into is CBD-infused foods. The cannabinoid, which is commonly known as cannabidiol or CBD, is one of the main non-psychoactive components of cannabis. CBD is purported to be helpful in the treatment of certain medical conditions such as pain, seizures, anxiety and, in some cases, cancer. In fact, the market for CBD-infused products is expected to outgrow the sales of conventional cannabis products to reach a sales value of $22 billion by 2022.

This might be why Drnec invested in a CBD-infused Sober Up product as well. The founder plans on scaling up the production and sales of Sober Up CBD with the funds raised from his Indiegogo campaign.

“We have seen more and more evidence of the health benefits that come from CDB in medical studies. In fact, new research has shown CBD to be effective for addictive behavior. It would be a natural fit with Sober Up,” said Drnec.