Goodpath Launches Pioneering Cancer Survivorship Program

Goodpath Launches Pioneering Cancer Survivorship Program

Goodpath's Cancer Survivorship program focuses on the whole person and leverages the power of integrative care.

Goodpath, a leader in virtual whole-person healthcare, recently announced the initiation of its groundbreaking Cancer Survivorship program. The program is tailored to enhance the quality of life for the vast community of cancer survivors through integrative care. 

In the US alone, the number of cancer survivors has reached an estimated 19 million, a demographic that Goodpath is committed to supporting through every phase of their journey — from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

The newly unveiled program is designed to address the multifaceted challenges that cancer survivors face. These include mental health issues, digestive problems and sleep disturbances. Goodpath offers a unique blend of personalized care facilitated by a dedicated health coach, accessible via a specialized app and supplemented with direct-to-home care kits.

Bill Gianoukos, co-founder and CEO of Goodpath, expressed his personal connection to the program, inspired by his mother’s battle with cancer and the limitations he observed within the traditional healthcare system. This initiative not only marks a significant milestone for Goodpath but also reflects a profound commitment to transforming survivorship care.

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What is Goodpath?

Goodpath stands at the forefront of virtual whole-person care, offering personalized programs for chronic conditions such as musculoskeletal issues (MSK), mental health, cancer survivorship and more. Boasting over a 90 percent improvement rate among its members, Goodpath’s services are designed to tackle not only symptoms but also the underlying factors contributing to them, such as stress, sleep and diet. 

For employers, partnering with Goodpath means a reduction in medical claims spending, decreased incidence of disability and a boost in positive employee sentiment, marking a significant advancement in the realm of healthcare benefits.

Competitors in the Space

The healthcare landscape is witnessing an increasing focus on integrative and whole-person care approaches, especially for chronic conditions and post-treatment support. As Goodpath paves the way with its Cancer Survivorship program, several other organizations are also making strides in this area.

Livestrong Foundation, for example, has been a longstanding advocate for cancer survivors. It provides a range of resources and support systems aimed at improving life after cancer. The foundation emphasizes not just the physical recovery but also the emotional and psychological well-being of survivors.

CancerCare offers free, professional support services for anyone affected by cancer, including counseling, support groups, educational workshops and financial assistance. Its comprehensive approach addresses the immediate and long-term needs of cancer survivors and their families.

The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club have merged to form Cancer Support Community, another significant player offering a holistic approach to support. It provides a network of social and emotional support, alongside educational resources, to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community.

These organizations, alongside Goodpath, contribute to a growing ecosystem of support for cancer survivors. They emphasize the importance of addressing the whole person — body, mind  and spirit — in cancer care and survivorship.

Impact and Availability

The Cancer Survivorship program by Goodpath is now available as an employee health benefit, showcasing the innovative steps companies are taking to support their workforce. MAPFRE Insurance and R.D. Offutt Company (RDO) are among the first to integrate this program, highlighting their commitment to enhancing employee well-being and managing healthcare costs effectively.

This approach demonstrates an understanding of the extensive impact cancer has on individuals and their families. It also acknowledges the potential to improve quality of life while reducing healthcare expenses and increasing productivity through better health outcomes.

Goodpath’s introduction of its Cancer Survivorship program signifies a vital step forward in the care and support of cancer survivors. By focusing on the whole person and leveraging the power of integrative care, Goodpath and its competitors are setting new standards in healthcare that promise not only to improve outcomes for survivors but also to inspire continued innovation in the field.

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