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GTFO It’s Vegan Introduces the Most Extensive Line of Vegan Sashimi

GTFO It’s Vegan Introduces the Most Extensive Line of Vegan Sashimi

GTFO It’s Vegan introduces the most extensive line of vegan sashimi on the US market, and it’s available on the company’s online platform.

GTFO It’s Vegan has announced the launch of its own line of vegan sashimi. The company is an online retailer, distributor and wholesaler of all things vegan. Some popular categories on their website include cheese, meat and seafood.

The line of vegan sashimi includes tuna, salmon, sailfish and calamari. The products are available for purchase on GTFO It’s Vegan’s website.

The company’s founders, Marc and Tanya Pierce, became vegan in 2015 when they learned about animal cruelty, negative impacts on the environment and the benefits of being vegan on their health. When they became vegan, the couple realized the wide range of products available in the market and wanted to make life easier. So the Pierce’s started GTFO It’s Vegan as a way to make the vegan lifestyle easy, fun and delicious.

The company launched in 2021, amid COVID-19, when they found a need and gap in the market. As a result, GTFO has a lot of traffic and interest and competes with many online retailers. They currently have over 2,800 products and more than 700 brands on its website.

GTFO completed over 30,000 orders and now the launch of its vegan sashimi launch is part of its own brand.

“This launch represents an incredible milestone in our efforts to introduce our own private label line of products under the Great Foods, It’s Vegan brand.  The launch showcases one of many planned private-label launches of vegan offerings in rapidly growing, yet underserved vegan and plant-based categories,” said Tanya in a press release.


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As part of its growing consumer market, the company is introducing the “New Age Vegan” movement. This effort does not appeal to just vegans but those who are seeking to eat and live better without sacrificing enjoying a tasty meal.

The line of sashimi is not the first private label launch by the company. In the past, GTFO introduced bakery goods, samosas and ready-to-eat meals.

GTFO It’s Vegan is on StartEngine, a crowdfunding platform, where they raised $400,000 in just over three weeks from 390 investors.

“The vegan seafood market is the fastest-growing category in the market,” said Marc. “By mining our data, coupled with our own proprietary consumer market research, we have developed the best and most comprehensive information on consumer trends in plant-based purchases than any other source.”

According to the statement, GTFO now has the most extensive line of vegan sashimi in the US market. “This launch is another key step in our efforts to realize our mission of becoming one of the most important companies in this century to ensure the sustainability of our people and our planet!” said Tanya.