Introducing Xtalks Job Search: Recruiting in the Life Sciences Just Got Easier

Introducing Xtalks Job Search: Recruiting in the Life Sciences Just Got Easier

Hiring practices in the life sciences sector haven’t slowed down as a result of the current pandemic and in many cases, companies are looking to fill additional vacancies that didn’t exist before now.

Recruiters know that finding top talent in the life sciences is challenging. With hiring managers currently navigating virtual interviews and remote onboarding, it’s more important than ever to find the best-qualified applicants. Making use of highly-targeted job posting sites to narrow the candidate pool can make the hiring process easier. To meet this growing need, Xtalks has launched Xtalks Job Search, a fully customizable tool to help bring life science employers and job seekers together.

According to Xtalks interviews with the CEOs of three biotech companies, hiring practices in the life sciences sector haven’t slowed down as a result of the current pandemic and in many cases, companies are looking to fill additional vacancies that didn’t exist before now.

Employers have many job boards to choose from but current sites are surprisingly limiting when it comes to what matters most to life science recruiters. Large job boards may boast large user bases but these aggregator sites may not attract the highly-trained job seekers most suited to many niche positions.

Many smaller job sites catering to the life sciences have outdated interfaces and clunky, ad-filled pages that make looking for openings difficult. Xtalks Job Search was purpose-built to address the shortcomings of other job sites and provide recruiters with a way to access a previously-untapped community of life science professionals.

Here are 10 reasons why Xtalks Job Search is the best place to post your next vacancy.

Active Community

At Xtalks, new webinars are happening every day, giving our vast community of tens of thousands of career-oriented professionals a reason to visit often. All members have free access to our webinar archives, along with industry-specific editorial content and informative news videos.

According to a recent article in Forbes, job seekers are currently using a “shot in the dark” approach when looking for new career opportunities, leaving recruiters with numerous resumes from candidates who aren’t qualified for a given job. Xtalks Job Search reduces the influx of underqualified applications by getting job postings in front of an already narrowcast audience.

High-Level Industry Professionals

It’s not about the number of candidates that apply for a job, it’s the quality of those candidates and their suitability for the position. Thousands of life sciences members visit Xtalks regularly to engage with educational webinars hosted by industry thought leaders. Whether you’re looking to hire someone to fill an entry-level position or trying to find the right candidate for a C-suite role, the Xtalks community likely has the person you’re looking for.

Enhanced Site-Wide Visibility

Job Postings aren’t just limited to the job board on Xtalks. Job vacancies will be visible on multiple pages throughout the website so the right candidate might spot your job on their profile page — even if they’re not actively looking for a new role. This highly-targeted feature gets your job post in front of users who are most qualified for the position and might be interested in changing employers.

Xtalks Job Search

Targeted Search Tool

Other job boards list posts under broad categories which makes it hard for job seekers to find specific positions for which they are uniquely qualified. By combining a granular job category search with an optimized keyword search functionality that returns the most relevant results, Xtalks Job Search helps the best candidates find your job postings.

Xtalks Job Search

Rapid Job Posting

With a simple and intuitive job posting form, recruiters can quickly get their jobs posted so they can start receiving resumes faster.

Competitive Pricing

Since jobs posted on Xtalks Job Search are immediately visible to an active audience of life science professionals, employers can get applications from more qualified candidates in a shorter period of time. Job postings aren’t lost in a sea of other posts from varied industries, giving you better return on investment compared to other job boards.

Three job posting packages are available to suit the needs of all companies and recruiters:

  • Bronze (1 – 4 Job Postings)
  • Silver (5 – 9 Job Postings)
  • Gold (10+ Job Postings)

And for the rapidly-expanding company needing to post more than 20 jobs, the Platinum enterprise package offers superior value.

Live Support

Having trouble optimizing your job posting? Connect with one of our experienced customer service agents to help you reach the right applicants.

Google Maps

Since job location plays such an important role in whether a candidate applies, our enhanced Google Maps integration will help qualified candidates narrow down their search.


Xtalks Job Search

Career Insights Blog

Attracting job seekers isn’t just about providing them with a list of openings. When life science professionals need career guidance, they can turn to the Career Insights Blog to learn about interview skills, tips on developing a professional network and how remote jobs are quickly becoming the new normal.

Recruiters can also read about current challenges in finding the right life science candidates and how new recruitment practices may help make this job easier.

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