Migraine Drug Nurtec Takes Center Stage with Lady Gaga in New Ad

Migraine Drug Nurtec Takes Center Stage with Lady Gaga in New Ad

Lady Gaga first teamed up with Pfizer last year to endorse its migraine medication Nurtec ODT.

Lady Gaga’s continuing partnership with Pfizer has yielded another video ad for the company’s migraine drug Nurtec ODT (Rimegepant).

The 30-second ad titled “Lady Gaga’s Journey, The Next Chapter,” is the award-winning singer’s second spot with Pfizer.

The collaboration provides a glimpse into the superstar’s own struggles with chronic migraine pain and her efforts to advocate for those similarly afflicted.

Lady Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has never been shy about her battles with health issues, including fibromyalgia and severe migraines.

Watch the ad here: Lady Gaga’s Journey, The Next Chapter

The ad opens with Gaga saying “Nothing dims my light like a migraine” and goes on to reveal how she found relief with migraine drug Nurtec ODT.

The campaign harnesses the full spectrum of Gaga’s artistic flair. It features her in a series of striking visuals, getting ready for a grand stage appearance as she discusses her personal experiences with migraines and how Nurtec ODT has been instrumental in managing her symptoms.

She also says, “To those with migraine, I see you.” And she does just that as she turns the cameras onto other people, photographing them with her 2011 hit “Edge of Glory” playing in the background.

“It’s time we all shine,” Gaga professes at the end.

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Gaga and Pfizer’s first ad together for the migraine med aired last year. The commercial, called “Lady Gaga’s Journey,” showcased Gaga in full performance mode on a stage, playing the piano and belting out tunes (which can’t be heard in the ad).

Nurtec ODT, a product of Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, is an oral tablet designed for the acute and preventive treatment of migraine in adults. The drug is a calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) receptor inhibitor that blocks CGRP receptors in the brain to reduce migraine symptoms of headache, nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity and sound sensitivity. It can also be taken regularly to prevent episodic migraines. Migraines affect over one billion individuals worldwide.

Pfizer acquired Nurtec in its $11.6 billion buyout of Biohaven in 2022. The drug was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2021, making it the first and only migraine medication for both acute and preventive treatment at the time.

Gaga shared the new Nurtec ad in an Instagram post, in which she said she made the film for people with migraine, and also said, “it’s time we all shine,” a tagline from the ad.

Before posting the commercial, she also shared a video on the social media platform in which she encouraged people with migraine to talk to their doctors about the medication.

“I have had migraine for a long time, and I really wish that I had found Nurtec ODT sooner,” she said. “If you’re suffering with migraine, I know that we might have lots of different careers and different backgrounds, but we share this thing in common, and it feels good to tell you that it could be helpful to you.”

Lady Gaga’s Migraine Story and Experience with Migraine Drug Nurtec

Gaga’s story page on Nurtec’s website outlines the singer and actress’ experience with migraine headaches, which she has been battling for most of her life, having been diagnosed with the condition at the age of 14.

She recounts how her migraine pain worsened at age 25 when she began dealing with other medical conditions. “The combination of pain from migraines and managing these other conditions had become so difficult that I was barely functional.” She said the migraines became “much more present” and more frequent.

After using Nurtec for the first time, Gaga said, “I’ll never forget wishing I had found it sooner. My migraine was gone quickly, and I was so glad I found relief. I wondered if other people could have the same experience I have.”

Gaga’s involvement in promoting Nurtec ODT brings not only her massive global influence but also an understanding and empathy for those who suffer from migraines, providing a powerful voice for a community often stigmatized or misunderstood.

The campaign is particularly impactful given its alignment with Lady Gaga’s commitment to mental health advocacy and sharing her struggles with mental health. Migraines are not merely physical ailments as they can carry heavy psychological burdens. By discussing her own pain, Gaga has been helping to destigmatize the condition, encouraging others to seek help and prioritize their health.

Moreover, the choice of Lady Gaga as the face of Nurtec ODT taps into her diverse fan base, spanning different ages, genders and backgrounds, many of whom may suffer from migraines themselves. The strategic move not only broadens the reach of the campaign but also deepens its impact, creating a sense of community and shared struggle among fans.

The response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, with many fans and sufferers of migraines expressing gratitude for bringing visibility to the condition.

One commenter wrote, “As a migraine sufferer myself, I really appreciate you bringing attention to this.” The user added that, “Migraines are horrible and disruptive and I rely on medication. Thank you for shining some light on migraine treatment.”

Backlash Over Pfizer Ads

Despite the positive feedback, Gaga has also received some backlash for the Pfizer partnership. After her first ad with the drugmaker last year, some slammed her for “selling out to Big Pharma.”

The same criticism erupted on Gaga’s recent Instagram posts about her new ad with Pfizer, with some people lambasting her for getting paid by the company.

Backlash against celebrities for partnering with pharma companies isn’t new. Football star Travis Kelce was recently slammed for his partnership with Pfizer to promote the flu shot and COVID-19 booster. Singer Pink also received some heat after she teamed up with Pfizer to back the company’s COVID-19 vaccine. That campaign featured other celebrities including Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, actress Jean Smart and musician Questlove.

Eli Lilly Migraine Rival

In 2023, Nurtec ODT generated $282 million in global sales for Pfizer.

Eli Lilly’s Emgality is a close rival of Nurtec, having earned $186.1 million in 2023. However, it appears Nurtec may have the edge as head-to-head trials have failed to show Emgality’s superiority over Pfizer’s drug.

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