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Introducing Xtalks Webinar-Mingle™

Introducing Xtalks Webinar-Mingle™

Xtalks is taking the live webinar experience to the next level – with Xtalks Webinar-Mingle™.

For webinars on Xtalks that are listed as Webinar-Mingle events, this is your chance to meet new industry professionals from outside your network, continue the discussion after the feature webinar presentation, and meet face-to-face with the webinar speakers and like-minded fellow webinar attendees.

It’s easy to participate – after the main session, simply turn on your webcam and enter our Webinar-Mingle room for 30 minutes of networking. The video conferencing and spatial-networking technology allows participants to move freely around a virtual room to interact with speakers and topic experts, and network with industry peers.

How does it work?

Our moderator will provide a link and password to attendees near the end of the webinar to join the Webinar-Mingle room. You’ll be prompted to use your webcam to take a photo (or upload your own) before entering. Once you’re in, you’ll see your avatar. Click and drag your mouse around the screen to approach a fellow webinar participant.


Who can I meet?

Your webcams will be displayed on your screen when you’re close to other avatars to form a group. The webcam and audio connections will also disappear when you move away from the person or group. Up to 15 other participants can be connected at the same time in a group. Unlike a zoom-style meeting, many conversations can happen simultaneously in the room, so feel free to move around to meet new people. Start a new group by connecting with others anywhere in the Mingle or look for areas that already have designated topics for discussion. The webinar speakers will be available and Xtalks staff will also be on hand to help.


Along the side of the mingle room, you’ll see a list of participants, and below that, a chat window to send messages to anyone within your discussion circle or even outside it.

Mingle Chat

How do I get access?

If your webinar is Mingle-enabled, the join link and password will be included in the confirmation email sent to you upon registering for the webinar and the subsequent webinar-reminder emails. Our moderator will also provide attendees with the link and password near the end of the live webinar and help you join the Webinar-Mingle room.

What requirements are there?

You must register for the associated webinar in order to access a particular Webinar-Mingle room (you’ll need a link and password to join). Be sure to have your webcam ready, and access to computer audio (microphone and speakers). Mingle rooms are optimized for a desktop or laptop experience (use browsers such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Mingle is not compatible with Safari).

When can I join a Mingle?

The Webinar-Mingle room will open several minutes before the end of a live webinar (which is typically around the 60 minutes after the start time). The room will remain open for at least 15 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes after the webinar.

Xtalks Webinar-Mingle is a great way to meet new industry professionals, discuss pressing issues, and meet face-to-face with webinar presenters. We really like it, and know that you will too. We hope to meet you in the Webinar-Mingle Room after the webinar!