New Xenon Light Technology to Enhance Neurosurgery

New Xenon Light Technology to Enhance Neurosurgery

The FDA-cleared NICO Myriad NOVUS

Nico Corporation, an Indianapolis-based medical device maker, has released a new innovative device, the NICO Myriad NOVUS. This FDA approved device was introduced to others at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) on Monday.

The NOVUS works with a xenon light and Myriad resection tool that enables precision in light needed for surgeons. It also provides automated and intraoperative tissue harvesting for post-procedural analysis.

In a press release, Dr. Mark Rosenblum, chairman emeritus, department of neurosurgery at Henry Ford Health System said, “the ability to optimally see what we’re doing, to safely resect lesions, and to automatically obtain and preserve tissue for pathologic and molecular analyses has been greatly enhanced by the advent of the NOVUS platform from NICO.”

This device is being exhibited at the CNS. It is a technology that provides surgeons with a solution for intracerebral hemorrhage clot evacuation and subcortical tumor resection. The press release states the capabilities of the device as follows, “its capabilities include illumination offering enhanced visualization with the surgeon’s preferred optical platform, improved in-situ tissue identification, non-ablative and non-thermal resection, automated tissue harvesting with the ability to annotate by intratumoral location, and biological preservation of harvested tissue for post-procedural analysis.”

According to NICO, intracerebral hemorrhage make up about 15 percent of strokes. There is a high rate of mortality that lies between 32-50 percent at 30 days. There is also a high rate of disability where only 20 percent of survivors are functionally independent. A hemorrhagic stroke is an artery rupturing that then develops to the blood accumulating forming a clot. Afterwards, the region of the brain that has a decreased blood flow results in a development of a dead brain tissue.

In 2017, NICO launched BrainPath which is a technology that provides non-disruptive access to the brain by using a parafascicular and trans-sulcal surgical approach. In 2011, they launched NICO Myriad that can be used for cutting, suction, and a blunt dissection in both endoscopic and open surgical procedures. Today, they develop NICO Myriad NOVUS.

NICO Corporation is place of innovation where technologies are created to enable brain surgeries for subcortical and skull base lesions, to be less invasive.

“We are excited to give surgeons more versatility across minimally invasive port access, endoscopic, and skull base surgical approaches while still addressing their needs surrounding procedural efficiencies and convenience,” said president and CEO of NICO Corporation, Jim Pearson.