Tebra Fosters Medical Practice Management with The Intake Initiative

Tebra Fosters Medical Practice Management with The Intake Initiative

Tebra, a leader in medical practice management, has launched The Intake, a comprehensive and free online platform designed to empower independent healthcare practices.

Tebra, a frontrunner in the medical practice management industry and a provider of practice automation solutions for autonomous healthcare providers, has unveiled its latest initiative: The Intake. This comprehensive, free online platform is meticulously designed to empower and fortify independent healthcare practices, facilitating their prosperity.

Within The Intake, users can find a diverse array of articles, insights and recommendations from field experts. The platform serves as a rich repository of valuable content, encompassing subjects ranging from elevating patient engagement and enhancing financial returns, to streamlining operations and implementing effective practice marketing strategies. Moreover, The Intake boasts a dedicated segment, replete with content and ebooks, curated to address the most pertinent concerns of physicians, practice managers and billing enterprises.

“Independent healthcare practices need more than just the latest clinical information; they need resources dedicated to the business of running a practice. That’s why Tebra started The Intake and why we are excited to share it with the healthcare community,” said Kevin Marasco, chief marketing officer at Tebra, in the company’s news release.

“We recognize how challenging it is to source unbiased reporting, interviews and news to help better run a medical practice. We intend for The Intake to be an extensive digital resource to aid practices and billing companies with everything they need to thrive in this new era of healthcare,” adds Marasco.

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How Does Tebra Help Independent Practices?

In 2021, Kareo and PatientPop united their efforts under a shared vision of revolutionizing healthcare, giving rise to Tebra. This unified entity offers a comprehensive practice automation solution for independent healthcare providers.

Equipped with an integrated, purpose-driven platform, Tebra propels practice achievements by introducing a contemporary touch at every juncture of the patient experience. By furnishing an all-encompassing suite of digital resources and support, Tebra facilitates attracting new patients, providing modernized care, enabling seamless payment processing and streamlining operational efficiency.

What is Tebra’s The Intake?

The Intake is a free online public resource created to assist independent practices in the healthcare business by providing comprehensive and unbiased reporting, interviews and news about running a business, all in one place.

Its segments are broadly divided into seven categories:

  • Practice Operations offers resources related to medical practice management
  • The Practice Growth segment focuses on growth and marketing resources for independent medical practices
  • Staffing Solutions targets resources related to medical staffing, hiring and retention
  • Patient Experience aims to improve patient engagement and satisfaction
  • The Getting Paid segment deals with billing, payment and reimbursement resources
  • Deep Dives houses in-depth articles for growing and managing medical practices
  • The Checklists and Guides segment offers free medical practice checklists and guides

Users can also explore other general elements, including content related to general practice, urgent care, dentistry and more.

In addition, Tebra has introduced a suite of complementary features designed to enhance navigation through The Intake. These include a curated digest for subscribers, ensuring they stay abreast of all the latest news and updates. Furthermore, valuable resources such as in-depth whitepapers covering diverse subjects, benchmark reports and other practical tools have been incorporated to enhance utility.

Other Independent Medical Practice Management Companies

Amidst the landscape of medical practice management, notable players such as Smart Communications and Physician Practice Specialists stand alongside Tebra, providing valuable guidance and assistance to independent practices.

Further bolstering this ecosystem, the American Medical Association has carved out a dedicated space on its website, offering various resources and tools tailored to foster the growth of autonomous practices.