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Tyson Foods and Flashfood Start Sustainable Grocery Delivery Program

The flashfoodbox offers a variety of surplus foods including vegetables, fruits and protein.

Tyson Foods and Flashfood Start Sustainable Grocery Delivery Program

By: Nima Rajan

Posted on: in News | Food News | Grocery and Food Service News

Toronto-based start-up, Flashfood and Tyson Innovation Lab have teamed up to develop a new sustainable grocery delivery program. The two companies will be working together to deliver boxes of surplus food items to consumers at a discounted price. This new grocery delivery program called flashfoodbox was launched in Detroit on Earth Day (April 22).

“We’re proud to be taking a lead role in finding an innovative way to get the public involved in reducing food waste,” said Rizal Hamdallah, Head of Tyson Innovation Lab in a release.

The flashfoodbox offers a variety of surplus foods including vegetables, fruits and protein. According to Flashfood, each box contains 5 pounds of protein and 10 pounds of produce. Each flashfoodbox costs $44.99, but weekly, biweekly or monthly subscribers can save ten percent. Consumers can order their flashfoodbox online or by using the Flashfood app.

“People who buy the flashfoodbox are living the movement to reduce food waste,” said Hamdallah. “They can join our mission in two ways: by enjoying the flashfoodbox or by purchasing one to donate to others.”

This discounted food box allows consumers to purchase food at a significantly lower price while contributing to reducing food waste. According to the food waste alliance, about 25 – 40 percent of food grown, processed and transported in the US is not consumed. By selling surplus food items at a lower price, Tyson and Flashfood are able to scale down their environmental footprints while still making some profit on foods they would likely have thrown away.

“Smart food companies avoid wasting food, but across the food supply chain, throwing perfectly good food out is still too common,” said Hamdallah. “We hope that our innovative approach to food waste will catch on in many parts of the country as the flashfoodbox initiative expands.”

This new program has a lot of opportunity for success as consumers are transitioning online for grocery purchases. The flashfoodbox provides enough food to make 14 meals for under four dollars each, which makes it a great deal for families. With 60 percent of consumers willing to try new online grocery providers, flashfoodbox does not have to worry about being a new comer in this market. As online grocery trends continue to grow flashfoodbox stands out in this market with its sustainable practices.

With sustainability being a top priority for consumers, food companies have been trying their best to reduce their ecological impact. In addition, most consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable food items. This gives the flashfoodbox an advantage in the millennial market with is affordable price and sustainable products.

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