Analyze Data in Live Studies Without Unblinding or Spending Alpha

Life Sciences, Clinical Trials, Drug Safety,
  • Thursday, February 24, 2022

Even in the earliest weeks of a clinical trial, the data indicating whether it will succeed or fail are already there. If only the data could be easily accessed and analyzed without penalty — but it can.

Attend the webinar to discover how biopharmaceutical companies are achieving better trial outcomes by obtaining early observations to assess data quality as well as efficacy and safety signals during live studies. Innovative new tools put this power in the hands of clinical researchers themselves, providing immediate insights into data outliers or discrepancies that can lead to study failure — all without unblinding or spending alpha.

Register for this webinar to find out how a study can achieve better outcomes through:

  • Real-time analytics, visualizations and predictive and diagnostic algorithms leveraging aggregated data for early observations and actionable intelligence
  • Tabular and visual directional trends of endpoints and exploratory objectives across all patients, including mean values, standard deviation and change from baseline
  • Ability to combine safety and efficacy datasets from different sources into one view to quickly spot correlative trends that can impact mean outcome measures if not understood early enough
  • Live correlation of your current study with data from prior studies, concurrent studies, or publication data to provide valuable comparative and cumulative insights and quality control for better outcomes management
  • Intra-study visual correlations and regression analyses of relational measurements within a study to identify key trend-lines and outliers


 “I had never seen this capability before. We refer to it here as a ‘non-interim interim,’ and it has made a tremendous difference in our study analyses.”

                                     -Chief Medical Officer, West Coast Biotech


Register for this webinar to rise above the usual study approach and achieve better outcomes.


Patrick Keenan, Prevail InfoWorks

Patrick Keenan, Chief Strategist, Prevail InfoWorks

As Chief Strategist for Prevail InfoWorks, Patrick Keenan draws on more than 15 years of experience in life sciences technology and operations to ensure Prevail’s innovative technology helps trial sponsors and CROs successfully meet today’s pressing clinical development and regulatory challenges. In addition to leading the company’s business and market strategy, he collaborates closely with Prevail’s existing and prospective customers to thoroughly understand their key business requirements and develop the most effective solutions.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to:

  • C-Suite:
    • CEO
    • CMO (Chief Medical Officer)
    • COO (Chief Operating Officer)
    • CIO (Chief Information Officer)
  • Executive Leadership:
    • S/VP of R&D
    • S/VP of Clinical Development
    • Therapeutic Area heads (e.g., oncology, neuro)
    • VP of Clinical Operations
    • VP of Clinical Data Management
  • Study Management:
    • Directors/Managers of Clinical Operations

What You Will Learn

Webinar attendees will:

  • Review how trial sponsors are obtaining a far clearer understanding of how a drug is performing against safety and efficacy endpoints while the study is underway, without increasing alpha-spend
  • Examine how unified insight into live data helped one biopharmaceutical company achieve the industry’s first-ever successful New Drug Application (NDA) in a highly challenging indication — one where dozens of other sponsors had tried and failed
  • Break down the myth that it is too difficult and costly to achieve a single, unified view across a study or program from all clinical and operational data sources

Xtalks Partner

Prevail InfoWorks

Prevail is a pioneering life sciences software company with a unique combination of clinical expertise and engineering prowess, delivered through a best-in-class, modular eClinical ecosystem with sophisticated analytics and visualizations and supported by Prevail domain experts. Our innovative and patented technology quickly and easily integrates, normalizes, reconciles, and presents aggregated data, analysis, trends, and metrics encompassing all study-related data sources through a single interface — making clinical development faster and easier, while reducing trial risk. With Prevail, trial sponsors and CROs can obtain unmatched, real-time answers to virtually any clinical, operational, and financial question regarding a study or program.

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