Dive Deep Into AAV Capsid Stability & Genome Ejection With Uncle

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  • Thursday, December 08, 2022


You worked hard on zeroing in on a serotype, then establishing a cell line and finally purifying only full, monodisperse AAV. Now you want to make sure that your AAV is in a formulation that keeps the capsids stable, prevents them from aggregating and has them retain their payload until you can put them to use.


Uncle is the all-in-one stability platform to help you track stability of your AAV under different conditions. Run a quick thermal ramp, test long-term stability and check out how the vector performs in freeze-thaw cycles. Uncle has all these applications covered and requires only 9 µL per sample for up to 48 samples.


Tune in to our webinar and see for yourself how Uncle is used to characterize stability of 3 serotypes in 3 formulation conditions. We’ll walk through thermal ramp and isothermal experiments, repeat freeze-thaws and ultimately show you some crucial pieces of the AAV stability puzzle.


Andre Mueller, Unchained Labs

Andre Mueller, PhD, Product Manager Uncle, Unchained Labs

Andre Mueller is the Product Manager for Uncle at Unchained Labs supporting the development of new biologic and gene therapy drugs. His expertise covers fluorescence, static light scattering and dynamic light scattering for biophysical characterization of proteins and viral vectors. His research experience spans from structural biology to plant physiology and across labs in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the USA. Andre earned his PhD at the Carlsberg Laboratory and had a postdoc appointment at Stanford University.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Researchers and scientists analyzing and optimizing the stability of AAV and AAV formulations
  • Lab managers, core team personnel, research directors to learn about the all-in-one stability multi-tool for viral vectors and biologics

What You Will Learn

Attendees will:

  • See which conditions are at risk of impacting adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsid stability and aggregation
  • Understand the multiple pathways where AAVs can lose their structure and their payload
  • Learn ways to streamline stability testing of AAVs in long term storage and freeze-thaw cycles

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