Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF) — Clues to the Identification of Undiagnosed Patients

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  • Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Heart failure (HF) can be defined as a clinical syndrome due to structural and/or functional cardiac abnormalities, which results in reduced cardiac output. Identified factors have been associated with risk of progressive HF death and hospitalisation in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) compared to patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF).

In this webinar, the featured speakers will discuss the prospective cohort study which followed up with over 900 patients identified as having HFrEF or HFpEF using the European Society of Cardiology guidelines for over 5 years (4481 patient-years of follow-up). The primary aim was to examine risk markers for progressive heart failure in patients with HFrEF or HFpEF.

Targeted treatments for HFpEF are lacking, partly due to a substantial gap in the understanding of the mechanisms underpinning the pathophysiology of HFpEF. Hospitalisations or deaths of patients were characterised in relation to HFpEF and HFrEF due to progressive heart failure.

Please join this insightful webinar. There was a critical new finding which the featured speakers believe will be of value to the audience, including clinicians caring for patients with HFpEF and scientists seeking new avenues for investigation and identification of this patient cohort.


Prof. Mark Kearney, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Leeds

Prof. Kearney is the British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research and a clinical consultant cardiologist with an interest in the mechanisms underlying diabetes related heart disease and the natural history and new treatments for patients with heart failure. His research group includes members with a wide range of skills addressing the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Within ten years over 500 million people will suffer from type 2 diabetes which we now know is a disease of the large and small blood vessels.

Mark Kearney’s team is working on the link between changes in insulin and IGF-1 signalling in the blood vessel wall and diabetes with the aim of designing new ways of treating the devastating cardiovascular complications of type 2 diabetes. Mark is currently on the research committee of Diabetes UK having served on the project and fellowship committees of the British Heart Foundation. Mark is passionate about training tomorrow’s leaders in cardiovascular research.

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Dr. Elias Ketiar MD, DM MRCP, Sr. Director of Medical Therapeutic Area Strategy, AES

Dr. Ketiar is a Senior Medical Director working in the CMO Team developing new therapeutic strategies and supporting clinical training in AES PPD.

He has extensive experience in general medicine and cardiometabolic diseases and is a Member of the Royal College of Physicians (London), UK.

He has experience in academic research and is involved in pioneering research into genetic causes of congenital heart disease. This culminated with a Medical Doctorate with St. George’s University of London.

He has experience in healthcare systems globally. He has always been interested and involved in medical education and clinical trials. He delivers training regularly on the topic of cardiometabolic diseases and holistic general medicine. Elias applies his practical clinical knowledge and innovates to generate solutions in enhancing patient pathway design resulting in successful trial recruitment, particularly in complicated therapeutic areas.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to:

  • Industry: Cardiovascular Portfolio Managers from companies researching new therapies for HFpEF
  • Clinical research sites: Investigators and site directors of clinical research sites recruiting for cardiovascular studies
  • Health care providers: Clinicians involved in the management of heart failure patients

What You Will Learn

Register for this webinar to gain insights about the:

  • Strategies for the identification of HFpEF patients for clinical research
  • Clinical approaches to identify undiagnosed HFpEF patients for appropriate medical management
  • Association between HFpEF and other comorbidities such as atrial fibrillation

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