Introducing Automated Parallel Peptide Purification with the PurePep® EasyClean Auto Kit

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  • Thursday, August 31, 2023

Join the featured speakers to learn about a breakthrough solution for automated parallel peptide purification, enabled by the PurePep® EasyClean (PEC) Auto Kit.

Traditional chromatography methods present challenges such as sequential operations, the need for highly trained personnel, extensive hands-on time and significant consumption of toxic solvents. The need for a parallel, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to remove this bottleneck has never been more critical.

The PEC Auto Kit meets this demand head-on by streamlining the peptide synthesis-to-purification workflow in one instrument. The kit is designed to work in harmony with existing synthesis equipment like the PurePep® Chorus and the Symphony® X without the need for additional chromatography systems.

In this introduction webinar, attendees will learn how automated purification with catch-and-release chemistry works and understand the potential of automated parallel purification with:

  • 90% less toxic solvent consumption,
  • 90% less hands-on time compared to conventional HPLC,
  • 6 and more parallel peptide purification in less than 6 hours.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn first-hand how to revolutionize your peptide processes from start to finish with automated peptide purification in parallel.


Dominik Sarma, Gyros Protein Technologies AB

Dominik Sarma, Sr. Market Manager, Gyros Protein Technologies AB

Dominik Sarma did his PhD at the Humboldt-University of Berlin in the field of advanced analytical materials. He co-founded the Berlin-based peptide company Belyntic in 2018. Belyntic developed the first universally applicable catch-and-release peptide purification technology Peptide EasyClean (PEC). After the acquisition of PEC by Gyros Protein Technologies (GPT) in November 2022, Dominik joined GPT as Sr. Market Manager, responsible for the marketing and sales strategy of the PEC offer, including Kits and Services.

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Robert Zitterbart, Gyros Protein Technologies AB

Robert Zitterbart, Director R&D PurePep EasyClean Solutions (PECS), Gyros Protein Technologies AB

Robert Zitterbart conducted research on enantioselective natural product synthesis as part of his chemistry diploma thesis under the supervision of Prof K. Peter C. Vollhardt at the University of California, Berkeley and graduated in February 2011 from Humboldt-University, Berlin. He completed his PhD under the supervision of Prof Oliver Seitz, specializing in the chemical synthesis of protein-domain-arrays.

Together with three other chemists and one economist he started the spin-off EnviroPep at Humboldt-University, Berlin in 2016, and for the next 20 months he worked to develop the Peptide EasyClean (PEC) technology to marketable products. In 2018, Robert co-founded Belyntic GmbH and was Head of R&D and co-CEO developing linker systems for the PEC technology to purify and modify synthetic peptides. In November 2022, PEC was acquired by Gyros Protein Technologies and he is now Director R&D of PurePep EasyClean Solution (PECS) in Berlin/Teltow.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Peptide drug developers
  • Peptide scientists from industry and academia
  • Peptide lab site and project managers

What You Will Learn

Attendees will:

  • Understand the challenges of conventional chromatography: Gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges presented by conventional chromatography methods in peptide purification
  • Learn how automated peptide purification is made possible with smart chemistry: Learn about the catch-and-release chemistry and how this integrates with existing peptide synthesis machinery.
  • Explore the features of automated purification with catch-and-release technology: See practical examples from the industry, covering simple to complex peptides, and translate this to benefits in your peptide workflow.
  • Discover the ecological benefits of automated PEC purification : Understand why the PurePep® EasyClean Auto Kit saves significant amount of toxic solvent promoting eco-conscious peptide manufacturing.

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Gyros Protein Technologies

Gyros Protein Technologies enables peptide and bioanalytical solutions that help scientists increase biomolecule performance and productivity in research, drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development, and bioprocess applications. Our low to mid-scale peptide synthesizer platforms are the PurePep® Chorus, Symphony® X, and PurePep®Sonata®+. The PurePep® EasyClean (PEC) technology complements the PurePep® portfolio with Kits and Services for peptide purification and modification. These solutions and our chemistries deliver uncompromising purity, flexibility, and quality for discovery and pre-clinical studies of simple to complex multifunctional peptides up- and downstream. Proprietary high performance nanoliter-scale immunoassay platforms, Gyrolab® xPand, Gyrolab® xP workstation and Gyrolab xPlore™, are used by scientists in leading pharmaceutical, biotech, CRO, and CMO companies for bioanalytical applications such as pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, immunogenicity, and quantitating bioprocess-related impurities. Our peptide and bioanalytical solutions accelerate your discovery, development, and manufacturing of safer biotherapeutics. Gyros Protein Technologies is part of the Biopharmaceutical Division of Mesa Laboratories, Inc

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