Liquid Biopsies: Implementation in Clinical Trials Through The Development of Clinical Utility

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  • Monday, November 02, 2020

The oncology therapeutic pipeline has grown substantially over the last decade, with thousands of drug candidates currently in development. A majority of these drug candidates specifically target driver alterations associated with solid tumors. Therefore, accurate biomarker testing is a key component of elucidating the genetic signature of the disease, potential resistance mechanisms, and for identifying the patient population with the greatest potential to elicit more efficacious responses. The conventional approach to obtaining patient samples to study these biomarkers is an invasive tissue biopsy. Recently, noninvasive approaches, commonly termed liquid biopsies, for obtaining genomic biomarker data have rapidly advanced to provide a less-invasive potential alternative for determining the right therapy for each patient based on their tumor, and identifying and monitoring patients in clinical trials. 

In this webinar, featured speakers will highlight the role of biomarker identification and testing, the history and advancements in the field of liquid biopsies, and discuss how liquid biopsy testing is currently being applied in a diagnostic setting for patients with tumor types such as non-small cell lung cancer.

This webinar is part of a scientific series Covance is offering focused on trends, opportunities and challenges associated with current and future applications in oncology. Learn more and register for upcoming webinars on topics such as adoptive T-cell therapies, biomarker technologies for the detection of rare cancer driver mutations and novel targeted therapies, and more.


Steve Anderson, Covance Drug Development

Steven Anderson, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Covance Drug Development

Steven Anderson is senior vice president and chief scientific officer for Covance Drug Development. He has worked for LabCorp for 30 years and has held a variety of positions, including director of operations for ViroMed Laboratories, director of operations for Monogram Biosciences, director of operations for the Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology, director of operations for Integrated Oncology and Integrated Genetics, national director of research and development, and global head of LabCorp Clinical Trials. His research interests include Molecular Pathology and Oncology based biomarkers, and that work has resulted in the development and validation of multiple companion diagnostics and pharmacogenomic assays in clinical use today.

He holds a doctorate in genetics from Iowa State University and was an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellow at the Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers University.

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Taylor Jensen, PhD, Strategic Director, Research and Development LabCorp

Taylor Jensen is Director, Research and Development for LabCorp Diagnostics where he focuses on precision medicine assay development, as well as product pipeline and strategy for oncology applications and initiatives. Prior to joining LabCorp through the acquisition of Sequenom in 2016, Taylor was part of the R&D team that developed the first noninvasive prenatal test in the U.S. and subsequently was involved in numerous assay development efforts focused on the identification of genetic and epigenetic biomarkers in cell-free DNA for use in prenatal and cancer diagnostics. He holds a doctorate in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Arizona and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Arizona Cancer Center where he studied cancer epigenetics.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Biopharmaceutical Sponsors
  • Researchers
  • Chief Development Officers
  • Operational Directors
  • Clinical Development Directors
  • Clinical Operations Personnel
  • Clinical Scientists

What You Will Learn

  • The role of biomarkers and biomarker testing in a world of precision medicine
  • The history and evolution of liquid biopsy technologies
  • The use of liquid biopsy testing for patients with NSCLC in the clinic
  • Liquid biopsy utility in monitoring therapeutic response

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