Patient Journey: Data, Methods and Applications to Drive More Effective Analytics

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  • Thursday, July 19, 2018

In today’s continually evolving healthcare marketplace, life sciences companies, providers and other stakeholders are constantly challenged to find novel methods to understand the markets in which they compete and demonstrate the value their products deliver to stakeholders. Health care is complex, and developing an understanding of how patients navigate the health care system is an important foundational element to demonstrating value and maximizing the potential of your unique treatment or service. Are you currently focused on patient journey analytics? Are you looking to gain efficiency in developing and implementing insights?

In order to get the most out of patient journey analytics, users need to ensure the analysis includes the right content, format and analytic constructs to address the questions being posed by the business. Many patient journey analyses don’t live up to their potential because they lack essential data, use a one-size-fits-all format or ignore best practices for making them an effective analytic tool.

To develop a successful patient journey analysis that drives critical insight and understanding in any market, users must consider the following:

  • What data is needed to achieve the objectives and where can it be obtained?
  • How can I integrate multiple sources of data for the most comprehensive understanding?
  • What analytic capabilities do I need to develop a patient journey?
  • What methods/applications enable the most efficient means of completing a patient journey?
  • When does it make sense to build my own versus buy access?

This Optum patient journey webinar will provide you with insight into the fundamental decision making required to appropriately plan for developing a patient journey analysis. Featured speakers will discuss potential data sources, tips for successful planning, techniques to reduce data and analytic complexity, how to choose between insourcing versus outsourcing, and differences between custom versus application to maximize the efficiency of your analysis.


Lou Brooks, Vice President, Commercial Analytics, Optum

Lou Brooks is vice president of commercial analytics in the life sciences business at Optum. For the past 20 years, Brooks has served in a variety of capacities, all of them focused on developing a better understanding of customer behavior across a number of industries.

Brooks has worked in a wide variety of therapeutic categories, including autoimmune, respiratory, central nervous system disorders, oncology, and cardiovascular conditions. He holds a master’s degree in economics from Rutgers University.

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Joy Brown, Vice President, Advanced Analytic Applications, Optum

Joy Brown currently serves as the vice president of Advanced Analytic Applications for the Life Sciences business at Optum. For the past several years, she and her team have helped deliver strategic transformation to pharmaceutical, health care and financial services markets as a provider of applications geared towards moving healthcare and outcomes forward.

Joy is currently executing on a strategy to increase availability and scalability through the public cloud which will enable organizations to gain meaningful insights from real world evidence in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

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Who Should Attend?

Individuals from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies whose titles or responsibilities are:

  • Brand and/or commercial leaders
  • Data analytics
  • Business analytics
  • Commercial analytics
  • Real-world evidence analytics
  • Strategic insights
  • Market research/insights


What You Will Learn

Life sciences companies are realizing that understanding the patient journey is critical to the success of their business. Patient journey analytics can identify market challenges and opportunities, illuminate the patient/physician interaction, reduce siloed thinking and inject customer perspectives into the brand management process. If you are a life sciences professional, data scientist or IT professional responsible for supporting brand analytics and performance, this webinar will give you a unique perspective on how patient journey analytics can be streamlined to positively impact your brand’s performance.

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Optum® is a health services and innovation company. We help life sciences companies leverage real-world evidence to improve their knowledge and understanding of market dynamics. Through these data and analytics, we help clients outline actionable insights to enable more efficient and effective commercialization strategies.

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