Quantitative Phosphoproteomics to Support the Discovery and Development of Kinase-selective Drugs

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  • Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The study of phosphoproteomics represents a major leap forward in drug target and mode of action analysis: Deregulated protein kinase signaling occurs in many human diseases such as cancer, inflammatory disorders or neurodegenerative disease. Knowledge about cellular modes of action is of key importance for the successful development of kinase-selective drugs. Evotec’s phosphoproteomics technology PhosphoScout® provides an unbiased approach to investigate molecular mechanisms of kinase inhibition, as it allows the reliable measurement of more than 10,000 phosphorylation sites in living cells, animal models and patient samples.

This webinar will provide insight on how PhosphoScout® technology utilizes quantitative mass spectrometry and bioinformatics to investigate and signaling pathways and mechanisms on a global scale. Typical applications are:

  • Applying phosphoproteomics studies for the selection of drug candidates with maximal on- and minimal off-target activity in cellular conditions, either as single agents or in combination with other drugs
  • Monitoring phosphoproteome regulation in different biological models to shed light on factors underlying differential biological activity of kinase-selective drugs
  • Using phosphoproteomics studies for the identification of pharmacodynamic biomarkers for therapeutic kinase inhibition


Henrik Daub, PhD, Senior Vice President, Science & Technology, Evotec

Henrik Daub received his PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in Martinsried near Munich, for the discovery of fundamental signal transduction mechanisms. After his postdoctoral studies in RhoGTPase signaling Henrik joined a Munich-based biotech company where he and his team pioneered the development of chemical proteomics methods. Subsequently, as a group leader at Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, his research focus shifted towards quantitative phosphoproteomics. He was a founder of Kinaxo, a biotech company specializing on high-end proteomics services. Henrik joined Kinaxo in 2010, which was acquired by Evotec in the following year. He now serves as Senior Vice President Science & Technology at Evotec Munich, overseeing the development and application of proteomics technologies in drug and biomarker research. Henrik has about 20 years of work experience in academia and industry. He has published around 50 peer-reviewed publications in prestigious journals.

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Who Should Attend?

Research scientists working with the therapeutic areas of cancer, oncology, inflammation and CNS

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