Unmasking How a COVID-19 Trial Team Expedited Recruitment, Filled Diversity Gaps and Reduced Site Burden Using Technology

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  • Thursday, November 19, 2020

The world is waiting with great anticipation as clinical trials are being conducted for COVID-19. Recruitment challenges are nothing new for study teams, but for sponsors conducting COVID-19 trials, they are magnified under the watchful eyes of the world.

In this webinar, TrialScope will pull back the curtain on a novel approach to clinical trial recruitment, revealing how one sponsor embraced a new technology platform that enabled it to flip the recruitment funnel to accelerate patient referrals, fill diversity gaps, and reduce site and patient burden.

Traditional recruitment methods are not keeping pace with demand, nor are they providing the diversity of participants required by research. We will share why this new, alternative approach – using data, innovative referral & pre-screening technology and activating multiple recruitment partners simultaneously – was the answer.



Mike Wenger, Vice President of Patient Engagement, TrialScope

Mike Wenger is a software developer and entrepreneur with over eight years of experience developing solutions for patients. Wenger was an associate director at the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research where he oversaw the development of Fox Trial Finder and Fox Insight, two platforms to help the Parkinson’s community connect with clinical trials and track their disease over time. Wenger went on to join Epion Health as Lead Developer where he and his team developed a solution to simplify the check-in process for patients and their medical providers. Wenger founded Clinical Trial Connect in 2015 to bring clinical trial matching capabilities to more patient advocacy groups and scaled the platform to support over 20 national patient advocacy groups. Clinical Trial Connect was acquired by TrialScope in October 2019 and Wenger looks forward to continuing to promote clinical trial awareness and helping patients in their journey.

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Christina Masturzo, Director of Product Management, TrialScope

Christina Masturzo is an experienced product leader who specializes in customer research and usability, product and project management, cross-functional communications and roadmap. In her role, she leads the direction and strategic vision for TrialScope’s patient engagement portfolio of products.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Clinical operations
  • Clinical development
  • Clinical innovation
  • Patient advocates
  • Patient engagement
  • Patient recruitment
  • Healthcare diversity

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • COVID’s impact on trial recruitment and how it exposed shortcomings in traditional methods
  • New approaches to study recruitment that flip the funnel for a win-win-win across all stakeholders
  • Processes to reduce burden on even the busiest of trial sites
  • Technologies to put the patient’s experience first
  • The role of digital trial pre-screens in reducing bad patient referrals
  • Methods to increase diversity and accelerate referrals to enrolling studies

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TrialScope is the global leader in clinical trial disclosure and transparency management technology, supporting 16 of the top 20 industry clinical trial sponsors worldwide. TrialScope provides proven solutions that optimize the efficiency of disclosure activities, maximize trial data transparency, and foster more informed, engaged patients through open research sharing. 

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