Beyond Compliance: The Ethical and Business Demands for Clinical Trial Transparency

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  • Friday, October 23, 2020

When we think of transparency in the pharmaceutical industry, our thoughts often focus on transparency in drug pricing. However, regulatory and corporate obligations also call for disclosure of clinical trial information. Public opinion of the pharmaceutical industry has plummeted in recent years. Today, the coronavirus pandemic has placed pharmaceutical companies under a global microscope. Industry watchdogs, patient advocacy organizations and the public in general are demanding greater transparency. This provides clinical trial sponsors the opportunity to make transparency a priority and improve the reputation of their brands and the industry as a whole.

Clinical trials produce a wealth of data, much of which can be repurposed to the sponsor’s advantage. For example, this data can be synced to the search engine of a clinical trial finder website, can help better match patients to clinical trials, and can be shared with other researchers upon request. By repurposing clinical trial information instead of letting it languish in a database, sponsors can turn “patient engagement” from a buzzword to an actionable business practice.

The COVID-19 pandemic brings to light the ethics of getting information out more quickly than strictly required by regulation, or more thoroughly, as medical professionals, media and the general public are all looking for effective and safe treatments. The pandemic also has shown that collaboration is possible within the pharmaceutical community. Drug makers are partnering with one another, as well as with academic institutions, uniting to develop a vaccine. This webinar will illustrate how clinical trial sponsors can give their data superpowers and be seen as transparency leaders in the industry.



Thomas Wicks, Chief Strategy Officer, TrialScope

Thomas Wicks has more than 17 years of experience with performance and content management solutions, specializing in application for life sciences such as clinical trial disclosure, structured product labelling and submissions management and has been on the PharmaCM team since 2007.

Prior to the acquisition of PharmaCM by TrialScope, Wicks served as the General Manager of PharmaCM at Deloitte and as the Director of PharmaCM Product Management at Intrasphere Technologies. Before joining Intrasphere, Wicks worked in leadership, client-facing positions for Revelwood, Inc. and Shepherd Systems, focused on performance management solutions.

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Francine Lane, Vice President of Global Transparency, TrialScope

Francine Lane is responsible for helping TrialScope customers meet and exceed current disclosure expectations globally, giving them the tools they need to meet all the requirements in this evolving industry. Lane also dedicates her time building relationships with external stakeholders – including sponsors, investigators, regulators, and transparency and patient advocates – to help align the goals and expectations of these groups, as well as help identify more consistent ways sponsors can meet industry standards. Prior to her role as Vice President of Global Transparency, Lane served as Director of Product Management at TrialScope. She also services as Chair of the Drug Information Association (DIA) Clinical Trial Disclosure Community.

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Who Should Attend?

  • C-Suite Pharmaceutical Executives
  • Clinical Study Team Members
  • Clinical Trial Disclosure & Transparency Professionals
  • Medical & Corporate Communications
  • Patient Engagement
  • Regulatory/Legal/IP Staff

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, participants will learn about:

  • The advantages of repurposing trial data
  • The post-COVID implications of data sharing
  • Transparency’s impact on brand reputation

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TrialScope gives your clinical trial data superpowers™. The TrialScope Transparency Cloud™ makes centralizing, structuring and activating clinical trial information simple, for use across the organization and at every stage of the study. Our integrated platform is used by 16 of the top 20 clinical trial sponsors in the world, who rely on TrialScope to ensure disclosure compliance, maximize trial transparency, improve patient engagement and accelerate study recruitment.

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