Viral Vector Manufacturing — Are Antiviral Defenses the Missing Link to Scalability?

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  • Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Viral-based gene therapies comprise a key segment of the biotherapeutic landscape and are highly promising advancements for the treatment of complex and rare diseases. While adeno-associated virus (AAV) has emerged as the leading delivery vehicle for gene therapy, its growing demand has significantly strained the manufacturing supply. Viral medicine manufacturers have sought various innovative solutions to resolve this manufacturing bottleneck; however, there is mounting evidence that antiviral defenses are an important but often overlooked barrier to viral vector manufacturing. This intrinsic cellular immunity that is partially, if not wholly, present in manufacturing cell lines has surfaced as a key modulator for viral vector yield and quality.

This webinar will address the cascading impacts of antiviral defenses on viral vector manufacturing. The growing interest in unraveling viral vector quality metrics beyond yield increase via raw titers will be discussed, with an emphasis on the importance of functional viral yield.

Register for the webinar to learn about the impact of antiviral defenses on viral vector production systems, a solution to tackle viral defenses with a simple media additive and the future of viral vector manufacturing for the biotech industry.


Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo, Virica Biotech

Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo, CEO, Virica Biotech

Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo, PhD, is a Scientist with broad expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology, cancer therapeutics and viral immunology. Dr. Diallo is an internationally recognized expert in oncolytic virotherapy and was seminal in the discovery of Viral Sensitizers and its development for virus manufacturing and cancer therapy applications in combination with oncolytic viruses.

Message Presenter
Dr. Jondavid de Jong, Virica Biotech

Dr. Jondavid de Jong, VP Scientific Operations, Virica Biotech

Dr. Jondavid de Jong, PhD, is an industry expert with over 20 years’ bench experience in the fields of virology, molecular biology, oncology and nanoparticle research. As Vice President of Scientific Operations at Virica Biotech, he leads a team of highly skilled scientists and business development professionals that are dedicated to helping biotech and CDMO organizations make viral medicines a reality.

Message Presenter
Benjamin McLeod, Technical Lead, Virica Biotech

Benjamin McLeod, Technical Lead, Virica Biotech (Moderator)

Benjamin McLeod studied molecular biology at the University of Ottawa, followed by a Master of Biotechnology at the University of Guelph. Ben works for Virica Biotech as a Technical Lead and supports the business development and marketing teams as a technical liaison. On LinkedIn, Ben curates valuable cell and gene therapy resources.

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Who Should Attend?

Key decision makers for process development or new technology evaluation for:

  • CDMOs
  • Biotech companies
  • Vaccine producers
  • Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacture

Including positions equivalent to:

  • VPs of Scientific Operations
  • Directors of Product Development and Innovation
  • Research Scientists
  • Product Managers

What You Will Learn

Attendees will:

  • Gain an introduction to antiviral defenses in producer cells, their impact on AAV manufacturing and the current knowledge landscape
  • Learn the implications of antiviral defenses on viral vector quality metrics
  • Learn about a novel strategy to tackle the complex problem of antiviral defenses in production systems
  • Gain insights into the future of viral vector manufacturing as it pertains to the biotech industry

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Virica is the first company to develop and commercialize Viral Sensitizers (VSE™) as a solution to the challenge of Antiviral Defences in the manufacturing of viral vectors. VSEs are patented small molecules, including known drugs and novel synthetic compounds, that transiently attenuate antiviral pathways in cells and, thus, can increase both virus production and therapeutic efficacy of viral medicines.

Virica’s VSE platform evolved from research conducted by Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo, Virica’s Scientific Founder and CEO and a world-recognized leader in oncolytic viral therapies, at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI). Dr. Diallo and his team have developed unique high-throughput virology methods that have to date identified over 100+ VSEs.

Learn more at or visit us at LinkedIn.

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