5 Reasons Why Webinars Work With Your Marketing Strategy

5 Reasons Why Webinars Work With Your Marketing Strategy

Using webinars in your marketing strategy allows for an abundance of opportunities in terms of increasing brand awareness and engagement. Here are five reasons why:

1. Webinars Build Your Content Library

A content library is an archive of your content, specifically created with your audience in mind. It acts as a resource to educate your audience about your service, product, insights on a current trend, or your solution to a common industry problem.

The value of building your content library, and in turn positioning yourself as a thought leader in the industry is tremendous. You’re demonstrating expertise and relevance, and are looked to as a reliable, credible source for information, opinions and insights.

Through building your content library, you can tap into the expertise and experience the people who work for your company have. Your target audience is looking for real people with real answers and your experts are the best way to meet that.

2. Webinars Drive Engagement

One of the most exciting things about using webinars in your marketing strategy is that by design, they’re an engaging, visual experience. It’s no wonder that video content is the most popular content consumed globally. To put that into further perspective: consumers are over 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad than any other ads.

By incorporating webinars into your content marketing strategy you can visually stimulate and encourage your audience to understand what you’re providing in a more creative, engaging way.

Thanks to the interactive services that webinars have to offer, such as chat rooms, live polls, Q&A sessions, surveys, immediate audience feedback options, attendees are given an attractive platform on which they can easily communicate with your speakers. Not only will they learn about what you’re providing, but you can also gain a deeper understanding of your audience which will be useful in creating an effective marketing strategy.

3. Webinars Expand Your Audience Globally

Having a webinar enables you to speak directly to a wider audience from Asia to Europe, Africa to the Americas. When you have a more diverse audience, you not only have the opportunity to grow brand recognition worldwide, but also gain a broader and deeper understanding of different opinions and ideas. Moreover, it’s a fantastic way to gain more opportunities to connect with companies and professionals in the industry.

4. Webinars Help You Build Brand Awareness

Even if your company does not need to shed light on a product or service, building brand awareness is a necessary measure in this increasingly digital age. Especially when considering that videos increase brand association by 139%. 

In some cases, especially in industries such as life sciences, medical devices, and food manufacturing/supply, more creative tools are needed to build an online presence. That’s where webinars fit in. Not only are they versatile and visual, but they also work for professional audiences looking to gain knowledge about new industry solutions, trends, etc. In turn, building awareness about your company in the online sphere.

5. Webinars Integrate with a Variety of Marketing Strategies

Webinars also work well with a wide variety of social media platforms and online marketing. Since a webinar is an online event, you can promote them like a mini marketing campaign — adding them to your trade shows and event listings, linking them to your social media platforms, creating unique hashtags, etc.

Furthermore, webinars are a great long-term asset. You can repurpose them in many ways. For example, by editing and cutting them down to smaller highlight videos, repackaging their content for future blogs, and keeping them archived to be continuously accessed, etc. 

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