5 Trending Life Science Webinar Topics For 2022

5 Trending Life Science Webinar Topics For 2022

Find out which life science webinar topics are performing well and enticing considerable audiences going into 2022.

A successful life science webinar engages the audience in a unique manner, drives the right kind of traffic and provides genuine value for attendees. However, it isn’t always easy to find the perfect topic when you’re starting out. 

Xtalks believes that a more focused subject matter will always provide higher educational value for the attendees. Hence, it is important to choose a topic that meets the needs, demands and challenges of your target audience. 

Here are 5 trending life science webinar topics that have been resonating well with our audiences. Moreover, these trending topics are quite prominent within the life science sector. 

1. COVID-19 Research and Effects

It may come as no surprise that COVID-19 related content was the top trending life science webinar topic of the previous year and continues to be in 2022. The COVID-19 virus and its variants are still a global topic of discussion for all facets of the pharmaceutical industry. Specific areas of interest also include vaccine development, supply and storage. These are critical factors to consider for proper vaccine storage in a new era of vaccine challenges. 

Below are life science webinars related to the origin and biology of SARS-CoV-2, as well as the surge in vaccine development to fight the ongoing spread of the virus. 

2. Decentralized Clinical Trials, Hybrid Trials & Virtual Trials 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many traditional trials pivoted to a decentralized model and the importance of remote monitoring for clinical trials grew exponentially. Using decentralized clinical trials (DCT), hybrid trials or virtual trials aimed to provide a more patient-centric approach that addresses patient needs which aren’t always met in the traditional trial experience. The pharma industry is invested in refining the DCT experience and also combatting the challenges these trials bring for sites and sponsors. 

Are you interested in learning more about how DCTs, hybrid trials and virtual trials can improve the patient experience? Then view our past life science webinars here. Some subcategories of DCT content include: patient centricity, reducing patient burden, wearable technology and remote device integration. 

3. Pharmaceutical Regulation

Pharmaceutical regulation ensures the safety and efficacy of drugs and medicinal products for human use. The pharma industry is the most heavily regulated in the world. Therefore, abiding with strict regulatory requirements and keeping up with sudden amendments is key to protecting public health. 

Webinars related to regulations and compliance standards are sought-after due to the ongoing updates from regulatory bodies such as the FDA. Here are some past and upcoming life science webinars on regulatory issues from Xtalks. 

4. Life Science Recruiting & Career Development 

A career within the life science industry can be lucrative with many pathways to choose from. The pandemic has definitely amplified the demand for skilled professionals within the pharma and biotech sectors. In order for life science businesses to thrive and move forward during uncertain times, the workforce must be equipped with the best expertise and talent. Candidate sourcing, screening and interviewing are of major consideration for life science employers.

Our life science webinars have featured incredible leaders within the industry who share their stories on how they managed to take their organization to new heights. 

We also have a career insights editorial section fully dedicated to helping professionals further develop their careers. To explore and apply for hundreds of jobs in the life sciences industry, visit Xtalks Job Search.

5. Emerging Technologies and Innovations 

Over the years, scientists and researchers have utilized new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help make their projects more efficient. AI can help with remote monitoring, clinical trial data, quality control, or detect patterns with deeper analytical insight plus much more. 

Various types of audiences from the B2B life science sectors have attended our life science webinars to educate themselves on how to take advantage of AI for topics such as single cell sequencing, manufacturing, digital pathology and the patient journey in healthcare. 


If you are hosting a webinar in the future, we hope these 5 trending life science webinar topics have given you an idea as to where you can get started. These are just a few of the trending topics that are popular at the moment, so you may also wish to browse through our webinars for the more of the latest insights, information and updates.

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