Knorr Introduces AI Tool That Transforms Instagram Memories into Personalized Recipes

Knorr Introduces AI Tool That Transforms Instagram Memories into Personalized Recipes

Eat Your Feed, Knorr’s new artificial intelligence (AI) tool, is programmed to scan the Instagram feeds of consumers to provide them with personalized recipes that include at least one Knorr product as an ingredient. The Unilever-owned brand is the first to introduce an Instagram connected AI tool with such capabilities in the food industry, which may revolutionize digital marketing efforts in the food space.

“We’re excited to be the first Instagram inspired recipe solution – using our consumers’ own posts to prompt recipes with real value and relevance we know they’ll love, as well as a reminder of the great adventures they’ve had in the past,” Philippa Atkinson, Senior Brand Manager at Knorr UK & Ireland, told The Drum.

Consumers can utilize Eat Your Feed by connecting their Instagram accounts to Knorr’s AI tool which is available online. Once connected, Eat Your Feed scans the Instagram memories of a user to gather data that will allow it to match them with a personalized recipe from Knorr’s recipes database. As an example, Knorr mentioned a snowboarding event in the Italian Alps where Eat Your Feed provided a user, who likely had snowboarding pictures in Italy on their feed, with a One Pot Mushroom Ragout with Fusilli, which is known have “cardio-boosting” effects.

This innovative system was developed by AnalogFolk, a London-based creative digital agency, in partnership with Knorr. Eat Your Feed utilizes visual recognition and individual image data to build an algorithm that allows the AI tool to understand the meaning behind each image in order to provide users with a personalized recipe.

Consumers that do not have an Instagram account can also be provided with personalized recipes after completing an online quiz available on Knorr’s Eat Your Feed page.

To boost their marketing efforts, the company is launching the first-ever Instagram-connected restaurant at London-based restaurant Jones & Sons on April 11, where customers will be served meals according to their Instagram feeds.

With consumers becoming more digitally connected by the day, food companies have been looking for ways to feature their brands on consumers’ social media feeds. Facebook is known for their tailored advertising techniques with ad targeting algorithms that allow food companies to market ads to users depending on their personal feeds. Instagram also provides a similar service but Eat Your Feed positions itself as a unique new tool for social media marketing.

According to a MarketingSherpa Consumer Purchase Preference Survey, 85 percent of US consumers use social media and 58 percent follow brands though social media. Ambassador found 71 percent of consumers who experienced good social media service to likely recommend it to others. Instagram was found to have a follower engagement rate of 4.21 percent which is 120 times higher than twitter and 58 times higher than Facebook. With 800 million monthly users, Instagram is positioned as one of the most popular social media sites worldwide, giving Eat Your Feed a significant potential reach.

This personalized AI tool has a lot of potential for success because it incorporates technology, social media and personalized solutions, all of which are important to the growing number of tech-savvy consumers. The incorporation of online technology also allows Eat Your Feed to have access to a global consumer demographic, which increases their chances of success.