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New Avocado Light Contains 30% Less Fat Than Original

New Avocado Light Contains 30% Less Fat Than Original

Spanish company Eurobanan, has introduced a new variety of low fat avocados under their Isla Bonita brand.

With the avocado craze dominating the millennial market, companies are constantly looking for ways to cash in on this trend, though the fat content in this fruit proves to be an obstacle to meeting its true sales potential. Madrid-based wholesale distribution company Eurobanan has found a way to make this popular fruit more appealing to consumers by developing a variety of avocados that have thirty percent less fat than other avocados in the produce section.

“We have been importing avocados for decades. In all this time, many customers and consumers who are passionate about this fruit have regretted not being able to incorporate it more often into their diet. Others directly pass up on their nutritional advantages because these don’t compensate for their high caloric value,” points out Ramón Rey, director of the International and Marketing area of Isla Bonita

Though avocado supplies are currently low and their prices are increasing, their sales and popularity only seem to be going up. Isla Bonita’s newly-invented version of this savory fruit gives them an advantage in the growing health conscious consumer market. Along with their superfood status, these new avocados might be the next big consumer craze.

“Aguacate Light is of course a daring product. We have launched a light fruit! Until now, this label was reserved for processed products; never fresh, and this, like everything new, is revolutionary in itself. This variety has a mild flavour and a juicier and lighter pulp that makes it ideal for the preparation of smoothies, cold soup, gazpachos, cocktails, etc. So now, avocado can also be drunk. It is time to rediscover this fruit and experience the many alternatives it offers throughout the day,” says Rey.

In order to produce their new fruit, Isla Bonita analyzed 32 varieties of avocados from six different countries. From their research, they concluded that climate, soil and environment have a significant impact on the nutritional density of avocados. The Light Avocados are naturally grown in specific climates and tropical areas, close to Ecuador, in Central America and in South America.

These avocados are described to have a mild flavor and a juicier, lighter pulp. They also oxidize slower, which makes them easier to handle in the kitchen according to Rey.

“We studied the consumption of avocados in Spain, where the most marketed variety is the Hass, although other varieties are also consumed. In many cases, they share the physical appearance, but do not necessarily have a lower fat content than the Hass. For example, the Bacon has even more fat than the Hass, and the same happens with other varieties, like the Carla and Lula, which consequently don’t qualify,” says Rey.

“It should also be noted that one variety won’t have the same nutritional characteristics in every country, since it has not been cultivated in the same area, and therefore, under the same conditions. In order to make these assertions, it is necessary to conduct very rigorous, meticulous research and have a lot of patience and perseverance.”

The avocado light is available all year round in retail chains and stores in Spain. So far, there is no news on whether these avocados will be making their way to the US.