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New Halo Top Pops Cater to On-The-Go Summer Activities

New Halo Top Pops Cater to On-The-Go Summer Activities

Halo Top’s new Pops are now available nationwide in the grocery freezer aisle in three flavors: Sea Salt Caramel, Brownie Batter and Mint Chip.

Halo Top has released a new line of ice cream pops for dessert lovers that are great for on-the-go indulging. They call this line Halo Top Pops and they comes in three flavors: Mint Chip, Sea Salt Caramel, and a new flavor to Halo Top, Brownie Batter.

As the hot season approaches, these low-calorie, frozen and light treats are sure to be enjoyed by consumers looking for a healthier alternative to other frozen desserts. The Halo Top Pops are convenient as they require no spoon and are packed with protein.

The ice cream is made with creamy, ultra-filtered skim milk in an easy-to-enjoy form. Each Halo Top Pop is around 100 to 110 calories and has less calories than regular ice cream. But they promise great flavor alongside their low-calorie label.

“We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between pursuing wellness and enjoying a full, balanced life,” said Meg Graeff, senior brand manager, Halo Top. “Halo Top Pops allow for flexibility and a moment of sweet satisfaction in our fans’ demanding lives.”

Each flavor of Halo Top Pop includes six grams of protein.  Halo Top describes its Brownie Batter flavor as, “All of the rich, chocolaty flavor of a classic baked good in frozen pop form, with chocolate light ice cream and swirls of real brownie batter.”

The Mint Chip Pops are a new take on the company’s Mint Chip ice cream with dark chocolate chips. For those who like a sweet and savory combo, Sea Salt Caramel promises to deliver “a mix of velvety brown butter light ice cream and swirls of caramel that pack a salty punch in pop form.”

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Halo Top was founded in 2011 as a premium dessert that consumers can feel good eating. They have 40 flavors that include dairy, dairy-free and keto flavors in pints and pops. In 2019, Halo Top competed in the ice cream market against giant brands such as Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s. They were the number one selling pint of ice cream in the US. In the Canadian market an influx of low-calorie ice cream hit the grocery stores last year and were placed in the front and centre in bright packages to induce consumers into giving in to their guilty pleasures.

Now, the Halo Top Pops are available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $5.99 for five 3.5 fl. oz. pops per box.