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Novartis’ Heart Drug Could Save 28,000 US Heart Failure Patients Each Year

Novartis’ Heart Drug Could Save 28,000 US Heart Failure Patients Each Year

A new study published in the journal, JAMA Cardiology, suggests that Novartis’ Entresto could prevent 28,000 heart failure deaths in the US each year. It’s estimated that 2.7 million patients in the US are affected by a specific type of heart failure – known as heart failure and reduced ejection fraction – and approximately 84 percent of this patient population could be candidates for treatment with Entresto.

An additional study – also published in JAMA Cardiology – found treatment with Entresto to be more cost-effective compared to the standard of care treatment, the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, enalapril. Despite launching the heart drug last year, Novartis has seen slow sales of Entresto. The company hopes that this latest data will help boost Entresto’s market presence.

According to the researchers in the latest study, if all 2.2 million eligible patients were to use Entresto, the drug could delay or prevent 28,484 deaths, per year. Based on the results, the researchers say that putting off treatment with the drug could have “substantial downsides.”

The number of eligible patients was estimated based on the drug’s label restrictions, however the study authors admit that the actual number of ineligible patients could be higher. This, along with the increased costs associated with widespread treatment with Entresto, could change the conclusions reached by the researchers.

An earlier clinical trial sponsored by Novartis, found that Entresto reduced the risk of heart failure-related hospitalizations and death by 20 percent, and lowered overall mortality by 16 percent. Despite initial costs, over a 30-year period, treatment with Entresto has been estimated to be more cost-effective than current treatments.

In an effort to collect further supporting data for the drug, Novartis has expanded their clinical trials of the drug. In the face of increasing generic competition, Novartis is hopeful that the heart drug will help boost revenue.