Webinars that Target a Global Audience Are Booming — What It Takes To Make The Most Of Them

Webinars that Target a Global Audience Are Booming — What It Takes To Make The Most Of Them

It’s without question that webinars have become the go-to marketing tool for organizations looking to grow their global footprint. Take Frost & Sullivan’s data for reference, the market for webinars and virtual events is anticipated to reach $4.44 billion in 2025 — up from $1.57 billion in 2020 (that’s a compound growth rate of 23.1% annually). But how are marketers diving beyond the surface to a deeper, more valuable outreach? 

As a marketing specialist at Xtalks who has primarily worked with webinars for years, I know a thing or two (or more!), about what it takes to make the most out of your webinar marketing efforts. So buckle up while I share all the reasons why and how you should best venture into global waters with your webinars!

Why Globally-Targeted Webinars Outperform Other Types of Events

It’s event day on a stormy Thursday afternoon, and while the speaker for your in-person event has haphazardly made it to the event location, the registered participants are not faring as well. It’s something you could not have foreseen when you first planned the event months ago. Cut to a live webinar. The event is taking place concurrently on five continents, and neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom can keep webinar speakers and audience members from attending the event. 

When it comes down to it, not even Thursday is observed globally! All that webinar registrants need are an internet connection, audio and video connections, and a webinar join link – considerably less work, expenses, and hassle than what it takes to physically come to an event.

That’s just one small snapshot of why online events–especially globally-targeted webinars, are becoming so popular. They aren’t limited in scope, they give you access to a global audience in real time, allowing you to reach individuals in multiple countries, languages, and time zones simultaneously.

Moreso, globally-targeted webinars are especially optimal for those in niche circles that have interested parties spaced out throughout the world! We’ve hosted expert speakers and have webinar attendees in all continents (except Antarctica!), who can all connect simultaneously. 

Besides that, it’s vital to capitalize on a global market because of the rise in remote work. In our globalized world that has changed dramatically and permanently after the pandemic, people are moving across cities and countries and working remotely more than ever! It’s crucial to capitalize on the new workplace landscape – and globally-targeted webinars fit right in.

Maximizing globally-targeted webinars with multiple broadcasts!

Let’s say your target audiences are located in two vastly different time zones, and while it is technically possible to connect at the same time in a webinar, it isn’t always ideal to attend a webinar before the crack of dawn or late at night. So what do you do? You set up multiple broadcasts of the same webinar!

Multiple broadcasts are broadcasts of the same webinar at different times. They can be done completely live for each broadcast, or they can be done in a way where the presentation portion is recorded, but the Q/A is live with the speaker(s) for the broadcasts that follow. 

At Xtalks we’ve seen a growing popularity for webinars that have multiple broadcasts. For example, you can have the first broadcast for an optimal time in North America and the second at an optimal time in Asia/Europe (similar to one of the many webinars we organized here). 

By all accounts, we’ve found that these webinars do even better than the standard single broadcast – everything from attendance to engagement is greater than the average.

Globally-targeted webinars have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and convenience. For marketers, globally-targeted webinars give you an unprecedented level of access to diverse markets, allowing potential target clients to connect with your content at their own convenience. 

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